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Essiac Tea Detoxification Dose

Essiac Tea Detoxification Dose: Detoxification regimens are typically done for a fixed period of time. Many people choose 3- or 6-month time periods for detoxification. 2-6 oz. of tea per day would be a typical detoxification dosage for this time period. However, some do shorter detoxes. The essiac tea detoxification dose for a short 2- or 4-week detoxification is 9 oz. per day, taken in three separate 3 oz. dosages.* 

What Benefits Do I Get When I Detox?

Detoxes help to naturally reduce inflammation, boost energy, support digestion, cleanse the liver and promote healthy skin. Good ones also provide vitamins and minerals that keep the body functioning properly. Detoxes help us to avoid toxic overload before it becomes a major health problem.

Some signs of a toxic overload include:






*aches and pains


*belly fat

*skin problems

*food cravings

*low energy

*bad breath

*mood swings

How Do I Choose The Length of Detox?

IF you are currently suffering from a health problem, we suggest a full 6 month detox at aggressive dose. This is 3 oz. of tea three times per day for six months.

If you are healthy and just want to maintain your health/prevent worsening of health, you can take the maintenance dose, which is 3 oz. of tea twice per day. This, too, should be done for 6 months.

Another option is to do a 2-week or 4-week detox. In that case you take 3 oz. three times per day for that period. We only suggest this if you are already super healthy and you just want a quick detox.

How Do I Decide How Often to Detox?

The ideal length of time between your detoxification regimens depends on three key issues:

1. Your exposure to toxins, including chemicals, pollution, diet, etc.

2. Your body's ability and speed of purging itself of toxins.

3. How healthy you feel.

*In cases of individuals who weigh over 300 lbs. increase each dose by 1 oz. This means for aggressive dose the doses are 4 oz. each time; for maintenance dose the doses are 3 oz. each time.

Note: The essiac tea detoxification dose that we're suggesting is measured in ounces of brewed tea, not in powdered herbs.

All doses should be taken on an empty stomach. Essiac was tested by people with an empty stomach, and this will ensure maximum absorption of your essiac tea dosage. This means you should avoid eating for 2 hours before and 1 hour after taking essiac for best results.

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If you need further help, please contact us with your essiac tea detoxification dosage questions.
essiac tea detoxification dose

Top 10 Reasons to Detox

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