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Essiac Detox Protocol

Essiac detox options include a quick 14-day essiac detox as well as the full 6-month usage for a more thorough detox.

You might be a candidate for the quick 14-day detox if you are just feeling a bit sluggish - or you want to jump-start your health at the beginning of each season.

Note: we recommend that everyone commit to the six month detox for maximum benefits, the 14 day one will still be of help.

You are a strong candidate for the full 6-month detox if you are suffering from a health condition and/or you want to improve your health. 

Unlike many detox regimens, essiac is not harsh on your body or uncomfortable to use. You can continue to go to work as well as eat and drink what you normally do while on essiac. It's super easy! Read on to learn more about this user-friendly detox option.

How the essiac looks after it's brewed. It takes just 10 minutes once every two weeks to brew essiac tea!

the 14-Day Essiac Detox

Who it's for. The 14-day detox is good for those who want a jump start to their health. It is best for those who are free of health problems.

What to expect. After doing the 14-day detox you should feel refreshed, less sluggish, and more energized. You may notice that your digestive system works better and your skin is clearer.

Click here to see the benefits of the 14-day essiac tea detox. Note: these benefits you experience may not be as complete or last as long as if you do the 6-month detox.

the 6-month essiac detox

Who it's for. The 6-month detox is good for those who are battling with a health problem or who wish to improve their health.

What to expect. It can take up to 6 months for essiac tea to fully do its job in the body. We offer a Money-Back Guarantee that your health problem will improve when the tea is taken as directed for six months! Therefore you can expect that your health problem will have improved after this detox is complete.

See the benefits of the 6-month essiac tea detox. To maintain these benefits, is is best to remain on essiac but move to the maintenance dose of essiac which is 3 oz. of tea just once per day.

recommended Dose of Essiac Tea for Both Detox Protocols

3 oz. of brewed tea should be taken three times per day for both detox protocols. It is extremely important that the doses be taken on an empty stomach. That means you can't have food 2 hours before or 1 hour after your dose.

Example: If you have lunch at noon, you can have essiac again at 2pm (2 hours after food). Then if you have dinner at 6, you can take essiac at 5pm (1 hour before food). You can have water, black tea, coffee, supplements, and medicine during the "empty stomach" time. You can also have unsweetened fruit or vegetable juice during the empty stomach time.

brewing instructions for essiac detox

Essiac brewing instructions.

Purchasing Essiac Tea for Detoxification

Remember: we offer a Money Back Guarantee that your health problem will improve when this tea is taken for at least six months, so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Click here to purchase essiac for 4 separate two-week detox protocols.

Click here to purchase the 6-month detox.

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