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essiac for pets

Essiac for pets has become increasingly popular in recent years. Many people wonder if essiac is good for their pets. The answer is: Yes! If you're looking for specific info on essiac tea for dogs, go here.

This article is geared toward housepets, but if you have a horse check out this link: Essiac tea for horses.

Pets are near and dear to the heart of any family. When they aren't well, it affects everyone! We worry about our pets when they aren't feeling well and life is much better when they are happy and healthy!

essiac for pets: dosage

The dosage suggestion of essiac for pets is different from the dosage for humans, primarily due to differences in body weight. Click here for the Dosage Recommendations: Essiac for Pets. 

Although the dosage may be different, the tea is still brewed the same way for people as it is for pets.

essiac for petsOur cat Toby receiving a visitor from the neighbor!

essiac for pets: how much to make at a time

If you'll be using 3 oz. of essiac tea or less per day for the entire household, prepare 1 quart of tea at a time. If you'll be using more than 3 oz. of essiac tea per day for the entire household, prepare 1/2 gallon up to 1 gallon at a time. Click here for the Essiac for Pets Brewing Instructions. 

essiac tea petsToby enjoying a throat scratch after his dose of essiac.
Click here to learn how best to administer essiac to pets

tips on getting your pet to take essiac

Go here for more of our tips for giving essiac to specific pets.

Potential benefits of using essiac for pets

Along with a well-balanced diet, appropriate exercise, and lots of love, providing essiac to pets may be beneficial to their immune system.

An animal's immune system can be sensitive to viruses, bacteria and other pathogens that are encountered on a daily basis, which means your pets may be at risk to develop cancer, arthritis, and other health problems.

No one is sure what causes cancer in all pets, but the causes are probably similar to those that cause humans to develop cancer. Environmental pollutants are a likely source of cancer in pets. Humans and pets alike are put at risk to develop illness from pesticides, smoke and second-hand smoke, poor diet, as well as insufficient exercise. Preservatives found in pet food can pose an additional risk for animals.

If you talk to any pet owner, chances are they've worried about cancer. Studies indicate that 50% pets over the age of 10 will develop some type of cancer during their lives! Cancer is the number one health problem that most pet owners are concerned about, but luckily it is one of the most treatable and curable of all veterinary diseases!

Essiac for pets offers a variety of benefits. By boosting the immune system, it may play a role in preventing cancer from developing in pets. The boost in the immune system can also help promote the animal's ability to heal if tumors do develop.

Essiac boosts the immune system by increasing antibodies which then promotes the breakdown and elimination of tumors. Essiac also generally protects and strengthens the bodies of our furry friends.

For a list of the benefits of essiac tea for both humans and pets, click here: Benefits of Essiac for Pets, and For People! 

This blog is a great resource for helping your dog with cancer via diet.

Essiac for Pets: Testimonials

Allergies in Dog

Good day all...My 13 year old Boarder Collie Mix "Hershey" developed a serious breathing problem about 3 months ago. I thought maybe it was asthma. I have taken her to the vet twice and they want to do extensive testing before treating her.

We have already spent close to $700 and the only recommendation was to give her Claritin once a day. Well the Claritin wasn't doing anything and she has been getting worse, so bad that my husband can not sleep if she's in the room with us at night. Trying to watch TV was a challenge too because her breathing was so loud, you'd have to turn the TV volume up.

So I went online and started doing some research and I found a video of a hound dog that sounds just like my Hershey. Upon reading more, I discovered that Hershey has a "Reverse Sneeze" that can occur after getting a Boratella vacine which she had gotten 3 months ago. I was devastated to know that there are many side effects especially for older dogs from the Bortatella vaccine - and many others too.

As I continued reading about the "Reverse Sneeze" I got to the section that recommended treatments for RS. I wasn't surprised to see that one of the treatments was, you guessed it, Essiac Tea!!!

I have been drinking Essiac tea for years so I started her on it right away and that was only 3 days ago. She is already so much quieter and she seems so much happier and more social. Wow! Only 3 DAYS!!!!

I will continue to give it to her as long as she'll let me. I use a syringe and she's really good at spitting some out. But I'm determined to see her well again. I hope this testimonial helps other pets out there suffering from vaccination side effects! Be well everyone... Diana.

General Health in Cats

My cat Jerry is still kicking after 5 years, my vet had given him 1-2 months. 


I gave this essiac to my friend who had cancer. But unfortunately she did not take it regularly as prescribed and she passed away last month. It was heartbreaking for me. I continuously encouraged her to take it, but she ended up passing away.

However, I found your essiac for pets page and have been giving it to my cats. There are 4 of them. One has health problems for sure. She's bony skinny, has liquid poops, a couple of tumors on her skin and it is painful for her to sit.

Since giving her the Essiac, I've noticed her poops are starting to become more substantial. She stopped vomiting every day. My daughter noticed that she is gaining a little weight. The skin tumors are still there. But it seems that it is easier for her to sit or lie down.

The other cats, though not ill, also show improvement in their digestion which I notice by the shape and size of their poops.

I'm sharing the Essiac also with another family - they are taking it for general purposes and love it.

I had purchased a supply for my sick friend and you also sent me some free packages which I very much appreciate. I am sharing with my friends until I run out.

Thank you for your kindness. I have recommended your site to several people.


Emma Reed

Cancer in Cat

My 14 yr old cat was so ill last month, falling over and over to one side, lost 50 percent of her weight, would not eat much. I googled her symptoms - it looked like cancer. I took her to the vet and removed a few teeth. I was told she should be better in a day or few...when she recovered she ate but a day later she began to act ill as before. I knew she was dying/had cancer. 

I ordered the tea, from another site, it took a week for shipping...she was just like before surgery, 6 pounds which was down from 15 - she continued and I thought she might pass before the tea arrived. After giving her the tea, one day later, she began to eat, day two she perked up, not losing her balance, day three she began to travel through the house, and then, well within 7 days she was jumping in a box wanting to play - I almost lost it - I was so happy! 

I take it too. She thought she was going to die - began to hibernate off by herself. I researched essiac tea testimonies. I read one that experienced the same but I did not know if it was truth. Now I know it was a true testimony. Three weeks now and she seems normal. I have researched natural healing alternatives for two yrs-heard of essiac, but really how can tea heal. O my goodness - IT DID. GOD SAID MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED DUE TO LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. I fasted for her, and I think God put the info on essiac in front of me--All healing is from above. Glory to our God. 

Kelly Lane

Cancer in Dog (Lymphatic Tumors)

We love it. It keeps my dogs cancer at bay. I don't have to worry about it spreading. One my big dog it took away two of his lymphatic tumors and shrunk the other halfway.

Kathy Bailey

Benson, AZ

Essiac for Pets: Bone Cancer in Dog

My dog got bone cancer last July & I had her leg amputated. I knew I wasn't going the chemo route. I heard about your essiac for pets & now swear by it. My dog is now 5 and kicking butt! I credit the tea, her diet, some pills I mix in w/ peanut butter, and a positive attitude that I value everyday.

Whatever is in the tea I love it and than you for it. The vets said max 1 year, so we're beating all odds and enjoy life to the fullest. Many people ask what happened to your dogs leg? I steer the direction to the healing of her leg & how people and animals that use this tea swear by it. I'm so blessed to still have my best friend here for more holiday celebrations. Thank you so much! My mom is buying this round of 12 4 oz packets so this will be my 4th order and hope to b a customer for many years to come. 

-My Sincerest Thank You

Cancer in Dog

My twelve-year old golden retriever, Charlie, was diagnosed with cancer last year. My vet advised that if I wanted to give him the best chance of surviving I should consider surgery to remove the tumor. However, I was also aware that, due to my dog's age and medical history, he might not survive surgery. I was also told that many times cancer in animals re-occurs, so I was hoping I could do something preventive in nature, whether or not I decided to proceed with surgery for him. 

I was never aware that cancer in animals could be treated with some of the same things people use, but my homeopathic doctor told me that it can be. In particular, he recommended that I give my dog essiac. 

I did some research online and found your site. I decided to start with one pound as I would be giving Charlie 2 oz. two times a day (although I started with just one dose to make sure it agreed with his stomach). Meanwhile, I met with the surgeon to discuss my options. I decided to put off the surgery for the time being and see if the essiac tea made a difference. My main hope was to keep Charlie's quality of life at this stage. 

I am happy to report that he is doing wonderfully! The tumor is reducing in size and Charlie has only been on the essiac for two months. He has begun to play again and his appetite is much better. I am confident that his situation will continue to improve as long as we continue with the essiac tea. This improves the spirits of everyone in my household, as my husband and I are in our 70s and having Charlie around really boosts our spirits. I love how wonderful essiac for pets works. Much thanks!" 

Julie W., Arizona 

I had researched and found you 6 month ago when my dog, 11 year old collie, was diagnosed with very aggressive cancer of the sweat glands. A week later a tumor was removed between his ears, but the doctor said he could not get a clear margin and thought my dog was only going to live 2 month.  Since diagnosis my dog (90 lb) has been on 3 oz 3x daily of your essiac, he drinks it willingly with 1 teaspoon cottage cheese mixed in. Now 6 month later the dog is doing well, no signs of cancer.

Since the time I have started the dog on essiac I myself have also been taking the tea on maintenance dose, thinking it will be good for me as well and it is: at my yearly check up my cholesterol was way down, back to normal, so I now don't have to take the atorvastatin anymore.

Seems to me the Essiac tea is working well!

Thanks for providing quality essiac tea!



Dog with Bone Cancer

I have been ordering the Essiac tea since September for my dog who was diagnosed with bone cancer. We decided against Chemo and instead opted for a holistic approach. She was given 2-4 months but this past weekend we marked 6 months survival and the vet seems to think her health is good. Although we are also doing other things, I believe the tea has been an important part of her treatment. We were giving her 5 oz twice a day. We now give her 3 oz per day.

The entire story behind the tea and the herbs is very interesting. We are a firm believer in using essiac for pets.

Robert Oberst

Dog with Cancer

I'm doing Wonderful  :-D

My dog had cancer and I was giving it to him exclusively.... It prolonged his life by MONTHS!! He was given a few weeks and lasted 6 months until he had a stroke on Thanksgiving 

:-/ had to put him to sleep after that, but I think the stuff is amazing...

I've given several packets to friends with cancer to try as an alternative to Western Medicine & share my story with others about the benefits of the tea. :-)

-Elizabeth Lewis- 

The tea is great. We give it to our dog who was given 3 months to live over 4 years ago. I cook him a cancer fighting diet and he gets the Essiac as well as other good cancer fighting ingredients. 

It actually takes a long time for us to use our batch up, but I refer tons of people your way via my blog and Facebook page Canine Cancer Remedies. Thanks for such a great product and for all the info. about essiac for pets! Have a great week.

Sue Hawks

I live in England and my order came very quick. Brewed up my first batch of powdered herbs. I started taking 3oz twice a day for the first 2 days but I felt quite unwell and nauseous. Had a look on the group and people had advised taking a lower dose and increasing slowly. I then reduced it to 1oz per day and have been taking it for 4 weeks. I will now start to take a larger dose. 

I'm using it to treat my dog's cancer, and he's only about 25 lbs. I give it to him twice per day. He's been fighting mandibular osteosarcoma since 2018, and we treated with surgery and holistic diets and supplements. Since I've stopped treating with surgery, the tumor grows, then shrinks, then grows and shrinks. Right now it is shrinking again since starting this new formula of Essiac. He was on Essiac tea bags since October of last year. This is much more concentrated and so far I'm very happy with it. He doesn't spit it out as much as he did the other one.

Thank you for offering this product at an affordable price. He's on soooo much stuff that's been costing a small fortune, including a raw diet, aside from the Budwig protocol. 


Dog with Congestive Heart Failure

I have been using it on my greyhound who was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and possibly cancer. She was diagnosed in September 2015 and is 12 years old. She is doing well......

Denaire Walker

Dogs - Aging

We will be ordering more when we get low. 

My wife and our three dogs take it regularly now. We can already see improvement in our old pups. 

Thank you, 

The Greenways 

Dog with Flat Bone Cancer

Hi I am from the UK (Swindon, Wilts) my dog was diagnosed in Sept 2003 with cancer- flat bone cancer, hips pelvis & skull, he was seriously ill, I contacted Nick Thompson - Holisticvet in the UK - Bath, where for the following 6/9 months he was treated 24/7 with various non medical "powders & potions", he's still alive today and will be 11 in Nov, he eats chicken and veg (cabbage/carrots etc) nothing processed - also, I do not have a micro wave in the house! Ditched it in Nov 2003. Essiac is still something I give to Ben in a cup with milk and a spoonful of sugar! 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, for a month or so at a time. I take it too as a tonic if I feel off colour. This stiff is a life saver, thank you Rene caisse! xx Yvette Maxwell-Darkes, Swindon, Wiltshire, UK.


Dog with Mass

I started to use the Essiac herbs right away because of my dog Cupid who has a huge mass in his chest and I think it is helping. Two ounces twice a day. I give it with a 2 teaspoon syringe and a dowel to keep his mouth open. Then I got lazy and only gave Cupid one dose a day for two weeks and he started to get worse. He could not stand up on his back legs and I had to help him a lot for about three days and one leg was swelling which had me worried. So now I’m giving him 2 1/2 ounce twice a day. And he is back on his feet and is doing better. He is 16 1/2 years old right now. So I think the Essiac Tea is keeping his symptoms at bay. I just have to stick to the aggressive dose for him. I can still feel the huge mass in his chest and I do not know how long it will take to get that down but I am hopeful. I do think the tea is holding back his major symptoms and I am very hopeful that it can help him. I just do not know how long it will take. I think it will be a long journey.

As for Lucky (my other dog 14 1/2 yrs) and I; we are taking a maintenance dose. I take 3 ounces twice a day. And 1 ounce twice a day for Lucky (Lucky is still doing very well). Lucky dose not like to take it but he will lick some of the tea half of the time and I do not have to use the syringe as much which is a good thing.  I think it is detoxing both of us. When I first started taking the tea my but got a little sore and I think the dogs are pooping more also but that is a good thing right.

So here is my review. I love your Essiac Tea and am very happy with it. The tea is very easy to make and for the three of us I make a half gallon every five days. The tea is helping all three of us and when Cupid gets better (I mean the mass in his chest part) I do think it will be because of the Essiac Tea.

Thank you so much for your Essiac Tea; I love everything about it.

Yours truly, Ruth

Essiac for Pets - Dog with Node

I found my Chihuahua had a node the size of a nichol when I found out about the shepherd and I immediately started putting it on their food. Within a week it went down to the size of a dime. In two weeks it was the size of a pea and then it just disappeared. 

Kathleen Ball

Equine Cellulitis in Horse

My horse has equine celulitis and I have have been using the tea mixed with apple cider vinegar as a protocol to manage her flare ups. It has been very effective and she hasn't had a issue for over a year!

Judah Homer

Mast Cell Tumor in Dog

I am a HUGE believer in Essiac.  It successfully treated my dog's Mast Cell Tumors. 


Severely Ill Ferret

I use for myself and my rescue ferrets. I care for the sick, the elderly, special needs and hospice ferrets. A veterinarian started me using essiac 10 yrs ago when 1 of my rescue babies was diagnosed with lymphoma, insulinoma, severe IBS, adrenal disease and splenomegaly. He was given 2 months to live. He lived 6 more yrs. I started taking it after my own cancer diagnosis.

Gina Coffey

Terminal Cancer in Dog

We are using it for our dog who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She seems to be doing great and we are very glad we purchased this! 

-Kathy Goodman

I am so thankful for the samples you provided for my pup Drey last year. He made a speedy recovery after the mass was removed and adding Essiac tea in his diet. He even regained his youthful vigor, long walks, jumping on to furniture and playing fetch again. It's really wonderful. Thank you so much for all the info. you provide on using essiac for pets!

In gratitude,

-Cristina Rivera

Tumor in Dog

This is amazing... for the record, I am a licensed veterinarian.

I have a 15 year old dog who could not get a tumor removed because she couldn't withstand even the pre-anaesthetic... and she has a history of seizures and started having seizures. That was may... by August, the tumor was enormous, and I took her to the vet school to a friend to see what he thought. He thought it was not really doable and she wouldn't survive surgery. I started giving her essiac, and within about a month the tumor is literally melting... liquefying, losing blood supply, dying. Trying to get pictures as it happens. Of course she is 15, so I hope she lives until it is gone, but she is eating, drinking, and I thought she was a goner months ago... just wanted to say this!

Christina Sias

Thyroid Cancer in Dog

We have been using Essiac Tea twice a day to treat thyroid cancer in our Black Labrador. In October, 2013 he was diagnosed with inoperable thyroid cancer and given 3 to 6 months. He is still with us. He turned 12 in May, and is just as playful and full of life as a puppy.


Looking to Read More About Essiac For Pets?

Read More Essiac Testimonials including additional pet testimonials.

want to order essiac for pets?

essiac animalsThe 1 oz. packets work best for preparing essiac for house pets under 85 lb.

Click here for the best order size if your pet is under 85 lb.

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Disclaimer: Essiac for pets is not FDA tested and has not been FDA approved as a treatment or cure for any health problem, including cancer. We do not represent essiac for pets as such on this site. You must determine whether essiac for pets is a product you should pursue. We have provided accounts and descriptions that represent the opinions of a variety of experts as well as actual users of essiac and those who have used essiac for pets and have experience with it. We believe that our formula is the best essiac formula being sold in the world, and that our essiac tea ingredients are of the highest quality. However, we do not endorse anything on this site as medical fact. Our essiac for pets page is based on anecdotal accounts only; no studies have been done on the usage of essiac for pets to our knowledge.

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