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Giving Essiac to a Pet

Giving essiac to a pet isn't always easy. However, it's totally worth the hassle, because so many animals have had miraculous results. In many cases, these results came when the vet said there was nothing left that could be done.

It's ideal to give essiac to your pet on an empty stomach with an eye dropper or turkey baster. The empty stomach allows the essiac to work best. 

giving essiac to a petOur best tips on how to get your dog, cat or other pet to take essiac tea!

Read this tip from Trisha Giallella:

"For my Cat....I simply fill an oral syringe. I put it down the side of her mouth and slowly let her drink it as I empty the syringe. This is a syringe for children and their medicine. It does NOT have a needle. It works fantastic."

We absolutely love hearing stories like this!!

....but the reality is, sometimes a cat, dog or other pet simply won't take the tea this way.

What to do then?

Your other option is to add essiac to broth, gravy, or the run-off from wet food - something the pet will want to eat. This is far better than skipping the essiac altogether. My cat prefers salmon broth from pouched salmon. We sometimes have to add a cat treat or two to get her to lap it up. Dogs will usually take it no problem when mixed with something tasty.

If you have a finicky dog, try this tip from Tina Manole in Romania:

"I mix 30 ml of Essiac tea with a bit of cottage cheese and a teaspoon of yogurt, twice a day. The dog loves it!"

Putting essiac straight up in a dog's water bowl can work, too. However, this technique won't work well for cats, since they don't drink as much water and have more specific taste preferences.

How Do I Know if it's working?

The answer to this depends on what exactly the problem is. We have heard great stories about cats and dogs who had tumors on the skin and they would flake off pretty quickly (within days in some cases) after beginning essiac.

Many pet owners report increased energy and appetite in their animals almost immediately - sometimes on the first day. They comment that the animal acts like it did years ago, rather than the lethargic pet they had on their hands before essiac. 

However, some animals take longer to respond - or the response isn't something you can easily see. This might happen in the event of something like colon cancer. We suggest sticking with essiac for the full six months anyway so that you and your pet have the best chance. Rene Caisse's research showed that 6 months is really the time frame that is necessary.

Giving essiac to a pet is one of the best things you can do as a caring owner. The side effects are not an issue for just about every animal, which means it is a very humane way of attempting to help them.

Additional Resources: Giving Essiac to a Pet

giving essiac pet
Click here for a complete guide on giving essiac to your pet including dosing instructions and testimonials

For small pets, this order size is usually perfect.

For larger animals (over 70 lb.) this order size is best.

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