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how we got the 8 herb essiac tea formula

The story on how we got the 8 herb Essiac Tea formula is unusual to say the least. It's critical that you ensure any company you purchase Essiac Tea from

  1. Has the most up-to-date, research backed formula, and
  2. Has documented proof of connection to that formula.

We have both!

eight herb essiac tea

Many people wonder, "How did we get the Essiac Tea formula?" Well, that all started in 1986. That was the year that my mother's boyfriend went into, of all places, a fish market and mentioned to the man at the fish market that he had lost his mother a few months earlier to pancreatic cancer.

As it turns out the man at this fish market was friends with Dr. Charles Brusch. Now, Dr. Brusch was President Kennedy's personal physician. He ran a research center in Cambridge, Massachusetts and that's the place where he worked alongside Rene Caisse for eight years to develop the original four herb Essiac Tea formula into an advanced 8 herb formula.

Now, when my mother's boyfriend came home and told everyone about the Essiac Tea, we told other people, and to our surprise, people went over to the fish market, tried it, and they started to get well. And that shocked us. We weren't expecting it to work as well as it did. So we kept telling people and they started telling more people as well. And eventually the people at the fish market were so inundated with people.


They said, you know, "Could you guys help out and do this out of your home to help us out?" So we did for a while and that lasted for a while until that became unmanageable. And that's when my mother started a cancer support group that met at her restaurant once a month.

And when a TV show in New Hampshire called the Cathy Burnham Show found out about this support group and the results they were having, they invited my mother and some of the people from the group on a panel and the audience, you know, to be interviewed. So we were excited. By then it was 1992. It was good to see Mom on TV, but we were so naive. We had no idea what was gonna happen next. And that was that 1500 people would call the station the next day and say they wanted this.

Now, we were not set up as a distributing entity at all. We just had a small support group. So, we had to, almost in a panic, ask Dr. Brusch what to do next. So, he set us up with some larger equipment, taught us how to make this, he enlisted me to help him to, kind of, throw the herbs around and learn how to make it to satisfy that initial rush. And what we thought would be the initial rush and maybe die down, hasn't. We've done it ever since. We've done, I've done this and been around it for 36 years. It's been extraordinary to see what this has done for people. And I've loved being a part of this every step of the way.

those in the know always choose 8 herb essiac

8 herb essiac tea8 herb essiac tea is the one that Rene Caisse found to work the best in her research. It's also the only kind covered by a Money-Back Results Guarantee.

8 herb Essiac is the best form of Essiac available both in our experience as well as in the studies that have been performed on this tea. All of the studies are documented in the book The Essiac Report by Richard Thomas. 

8 herb Essiac Tea contains herbs that target liver health as well as colon health. Because the health of the body is dependent on both the liver and the colon, the complete Essiac formula, rather than the shortened 4 herb version, does the best job! The extra 4 herbs enhance the results of the smaller 4 herb formula can do. The 4 herb formula is outdated and less effective. Don't buy it!

You can purchase 8 herb Essiac by clicking here. 

The Results of the Clinical Trials on the Benefits of 8 Herb Essiac Tea 

8 herb essiacThese clinical trials removed any doubt that 8 herb essiac is superior to four herb blends.

some of the positive results obtained from the 8 herb essiac formulas were:

  • reduction of pain

  • regulation of appetite

  • improved sleep

  • increased energy

  • decrease in depression

  • decrease in negative emotions such as anxiety and fear

  • prolongation of life

  • decrease of masses and tumors

hear from dr. brusch himself on the benefits of essiac

Dr. Brusch stated that the mechanism through which the 8 herb tea worked was as follows: the Essiac Tea identified the toxins in the body, gathered them together, broke them down, and assisted the body in discharging them. For a book covering the results of this reseach, check out The Essiac Report by Richard Thomas.

8 herb essiac tea

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Disclaimer: 8 herb Essiac Tea is not FDA tested and has not been FDA approved as a treatment or cure for any health problem, including cancer. We do not represent it as such on this site. You must determine whether 8 herb Essiac is a product you should pursue. We have provided accounts and descriptions that represent the opinions of a variety of experts as well as actual users of 8 herb Essiac. We believe that our formula is the most effective 8 herb Essiac formula being sold in the world, and that our 8 herb Essiac is of the highest quality. However, we do not endorse anything on this site as medical fact.

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