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11 essiac myths and misconceptions...busted!

Have essiac myths and misconceptions left you not knowing who to believe? Much confusion surrounds the topic of essiac tea. There are countless companies selling counterfeit’s so hard to know who to believe. In this article you’ll learn what to look for to determine whether the essiac tea in front of you is legitimate or not.  

For those who are unfamiliar, the most advanced essiac tea formula is made from boiling a combination of eight powdered herbs mixed in a specific ratio.

The essiac herbs are: blessed thistle, burdock root, kelp, red clover, turkish rhubarb root, slippery elm, sheep sorrel (including the roots), and watercress. This tea is popular among cancer patients and those with diabetes as well as arthritis. Essiac benefits the body in a number of ways...but only if it is the “real deal.” When you use genuine essiac, you will enjoy an immune system boost and gentle full body detox with blood cleansing.

essiac factsEssiac facts versus fiction - learn it here.

here are the eleven most common Essiac Myths and Misconceptions.

MYTH #1. All Essiac is the Same.

There are two generations of essiac tea formulas. The first generation “original” essiac tea formula consists of four herbs. From the years of 1922 to 1967 the original formula was your best option for essiac tea. However, ever since 1967, the second generation “advanced” eight herb essiac tea formula became the best choice. The enhanced eight herb formula was developed through extensive research done in Cambridge Massachusetts from 1959-1967 by Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch. The book “The Essiac Report” by Richard Thomas chronicles the entire history of the two essiac tea formulas. It features documents and photographs that clearly show the advanced eight herb formula to be the most effective formula available.  

essiac myths and misconceptionsRene Caisse, the Canadian nurse credited with bringing Essiac to the public.


MYTH #2. The Original Canadian Trademarked Formula is The Best Formula.

Since the Canadian trademark is associated with the less effective original four herb formula, the company with that trademark employs a deceptive marketing scheme to steer people away from purchasing the advanced eight herb formula instead. The scheme involves a warning that advises people to be careful not to buy any essiac tea that isn’t trademarked since the trademark is the only guarantee that you have the original four herb formula. While it is true that the original four herb formula is trademarked in Canada, the only guarantee that the trademark offers is that you are outdated formula!

Their warning falsely implies that the original formula must be the best formula, otherwise, why would they be issuing a warning against not using it? This marketing ploy misleads people into considering only the trademark when purchasing essiac tea and is designed to scare people away from the better choice, which is the eight herb formula. If you read their warning carefully you will notice they use clever wording to confuse you. Their warning states that all other essiac tea providers are counterfeit and making false claims “...if they tell you they are selling the Original Essiac from Canada.” They conveniently leave out the fact that companies with the eight herb formula actually try to separate themselves from the inferior four herb formula and have no desire to sell it! Unfortunately, in the absence of this knowledge, the consumer is left with the impression that all others are desperately trying to link to the original formula so it must the best, when in fact, the exact opposite is usually true.


MYTH #3. The Real Essiac Formula Was Disclosed to the Public.

Many companies offer formulas that they claim are the result of an authentic formula that was disclosed to the public. This false claim allows companies to enter into the loosely regulated world of essiac tea distribution without having an actual connection to either of the two genuine formulas. Companies with credible links will not only substantiate their link to the genuine formula but also offer essiac tea in the ideal powdered form. Even though the herbs used in essiac tea are known by many, the actual ratios of the authentic formulas are known by only a handful of people.

MYTH #4. You Don’t Need Powdered Herbs.

Essiac tea must be powdered in order to be able to get every part of every essiac herb into your body. Essiac tea was originally a medicinal remedy used by The Ojibway Indians who believed that herbs were gifts from God. As a way of honoring all of God’s gifts, everything from the Earth was completely utilized and wasting any part of these gifts was thought to offend God. In Ojibway culture no part of any animal was wasted and no part of any herb was wasted or thrown away.

This is why the Ojibway used grinding stones to pulverize the herbs into fine particles which remained in the tea, much like orange juice pulp, and by doing so, the herbs could be consumed in their entirety. To this day, the Ojibway powdering process has not been altered and it is still the best way to prepare and naturally ingest essiac tea in the way that nature intended. While essiac capsules, tinctures and pre-made liquids that contain no powder all sound appealing due to ease and convenience, they all lose some potency when compared to making essiac tea with freshly powdered herbs.

MYTH #5. You Need to Stop Essiac if You Decide to Do Chemo.

Nothing could be further from the truth! It's a misconception that you cannot do both at once. Essiac tea users consistently report feeling better while going through chemo when they also use essiac tea. In fact, essiac tea can be taken every single day for many years with no need to take breaks or stop due to any circumstances.

MYTH #6. Essiac is Only For Those Who Are Sick.

Essiac tea is one of the best things you can take for general health. Many healthy people with no health problems take essiac tea in order to maintain well-being. It's a misconception to think that you have to be sick to take it. Essiac tea is a gentle detox that can be used every day. One of essiac's most noteworthy actions is that it improves intestinal health over time. When the intestinal walls remain and clean and pristine, you will better absorb the nutrients from your food. This is why most people report higher energy levels and better overall health while using essiac.

essiac tea fakeBecause the herbs are so gentle, there is no need to "take a break" from essiac.

MYTH #7. You Need To Store Essiac In Amber Bottles.

Another unethical scheme employed by some companies is the suggestion to store essiac tea in amber bottles after brewing in order to protect the tea against the harmful effects of light exposure. This is a total misconception. Consider the fact that essiac tea is stored in your (dark) refrigerator after brewing! There is no light inside your refrigerator :) This scare tactic is immensely effective in getting people to spend extra money on useless amber bottles that companies “just so happen” to sell along with the essiac tea.

MYTH #8. The Latest Must-Haves Make the Essiac Better.  

If a company tries to replace any of the eight herbs we have listed with a different herb that they claim is more effective...don’t fall for it! Again, this is another clever marketing ploy designed to separate you from your dollars.

MYTH #9.  Essiac Tea Can Make Your Tumor Bigger.

This is simply not true when it comes to eight herb essiac. There jury is still out on four herb essiac. There have been some studies done on four herb essiac and tumor growth. The problem is that the studies were not performed with a large enough sample size to carry a lot of weight. Read more about how this myth started and why essiac will not make your tumor bigger. You can see all the best studies available on the eight herb formula in The Essiac Report by Richard Thomas.

MYTH #9. You Should Strain the Herbs.

As mentioned earlier, essiac tea is pulverized into a fine powder in order to allow for the ingestion of the herbs in their entirety. By consuming herbs in their entirety, you are getting the maximum potential out of the tea. The herbs are not to be strained out under any circumstances! Simply put, the herbs work a lot better in your stomach than strained out and thrown in the trash.

MYTH #10. You Should Drink Essiac Hot.

Essiac tea is designed to be consumed cold. Many people mistakenly assume that you can drink a cup of essiac tea the same way you would drink a cup of hot tea. Unfortunately, reheating essiac tea just before drinking it can significantly reduce its potential. If you absolutely can't take it cold, room temperature is the next best choice.

Keep in mind—there is a difference between what “sounds” credible and the actual truth. Don't let these essiac myths and misconceptions fool you. Armed with these 10 myth-busters, you will be in a good position to choose wisely.

In need of some essiac? Here is a list of products that we are 100% sure are authentic, genuine eight herb essiac.



essiac tea 101 guide

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Disclaimer: Essiac is not FDA tested and has not been FDA approved as a treatment or cure for any health problem. We do not represent it as such on this site.You must determine whether essiac is a product you should pursue. These essiac myths and misceptions are all things we were told were false by Rene Caisse's research assistant, Dr. Charles Brusch. We have explained the truth behind these essiac myths and misconceptions to the best of our ability. We have provided accounts and descriptions that represent the opinions of a variety of experts as well as actual users of essiac. We believe that our formula is the best that money can buy. However, we do not endorse anything on this site as medical fact.

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