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essiac tea and the immune system

learn how essiac tea supports the immune system

essiac tea immune system

Essiac tea and the immune system go hand in hand. Essiac tea is one of the best immune system supplements out there! It's used by people all over the world who are suffering with many different health problems as well as for general health and well-being. 

A big part of how essiac helps folks is by helping the body fortify it's immune system. Our immune system is essential for our survival. Without a strong immune system, our bodies are left open to attack from bacteria, viruses and parasites. A vast network of cells, organs, proteins and tissues that make up the immune system are constantly on the lookout for invaders. Once they discover a threat to the body, a complex attack is mounted against the invador.

Because of this power, it's important that the immune system distinguishes our own tissue from foreign tissue (if this fails, it is known as an autoimmune disorder). Another important task of the immune system is for dead and faulty cells to be recognized and cleared away by the immune system. Essiac not only helps strengthen the body's immune system, but it also helps fine-tune it so that it attacks the bad guys, but leaves the good guys behind.

There are drugs available to support the immune system when things go awry. However, it's better for the body when those drugs can be used as a last resort only if more natural and holistic things can't do the job. Most of the drugs available today serve primarily to mask symptoms - they don't get to the root of the problem. The other issue with drugs is they place an even higher burden on the body's organs to process them - the exact opposite of what we want when the body is already sick.

Essiac tea's primary actions are to remove heavy metals from the body, detoxify the body in general, restore energy levels to baseline, and rebuild the immune system to its optimal strength. After these processes occur, the body is restored to a level of function in which it is able to better defeat an illness or disease state using its own resources. 

Your body has always known what to do - it's just that contaminants and stressors in our environment got in the way.

Essiac tea benefits the immune system more than any other substance we know of. And that's why we specialize in essiac tea!

testimonials on essiac tea and the immune system

essiac immune system

Testimonials: Essiac and the Immune System

More Testimonials covering a variety of conditions, including Leukemia (click on the name of the condition you are interested in reading about).

what's on everyone's mind: covid-19

It's far too soon to say how effective essiac tea is in helping prevent or recover from COVID-19. This virus is too soon for us to know much of anything about it. However, we do know that the stronger your immune system is, the better chance you have. We consider essiac tea to be a wonderful insurance policy of sorts for our health. We would not go without it. We also have heard back from a number of folks who did test positive for COVID-19 and have reported to us that they felt essiac tea helped their condition stay mild and they were able to recover quickly.

keep your immune system strong

If you are feeling well and you just want to stay that way, you can take our maintenance dose. If you are feeling unwell and there are things about your health you wish to improve, you can take our aggressive dose. Either way, essiac tea will be a support for your immune system.

ordering essiac tea for the immune system

Please keep in mind, we do recommend that everyone starting out with essiac takes the product for six continuous months to experience full benefit. This product will provide enough essiac for six months of use at the aggressive dose. This product will provide enough essiac for six months of use at the maintenance dose.

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