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Essiac Dosage for Pets

The essiac dosage for pets depends primarily on the animal's weight. It's important to find the right essiac dosage for your pet before administering essiac.

Please note: These essiac tea dosages for pets are our personal recommendations based on 14 years of experience in the essiac tea business seeing what works best. However, the recommendations are not backed by clinical studies and are greater than the dosages Rene Caisse had used for pets. Follow at your own risk and discretion.* 

essiac dosage for pets

If your pet weighs up to 15 lbs.

START WITH 1/2 oz. of tea per day. If tolerated well, WORK UP TO 1/2 oz. of tea twice per day.

If your pet weighs 15-35 lbs.
START WITH 1/2 ounce twice per day. If tolerated well, WORK UP TO 1 ounce twice per day.

If your pet weighs 35-55 lbs.
START WITH 1 ounce twice per day. If tolerated well, WORK UP TO 2 ounces twice per day.

If your pet weighs 55-85 lbs.
START WITH 2 ounces twice per day. WORK UP TO 3 ounces twice per day.

If your pet weighs 85 lbs. or more,
START WITH 3 ounces twice per day. WORK UP TO 3 ounces three times per day.

Although these doses are higher than Rene Caisse's original chart for essiac dosages for pets, we have seen best results with pets who had a much larger dose than Rene's recommended doses. The dosages above can still be increased to give your pet the best chance of improved health. To have the best hope for good results, increase the dose as much as possible.*

*One potential problem with large doses for pets is the amount of rhubarb the animal will be consuming. Rhubarb is a laxative (which is one of the reasons it's in the essiac formula). Dogs, cats and most other pets have shorter digestive systems than humans, and therefore will be more susceptible to diarrhea. Due to this reason, the recommendation that a large dose of essiac be taken must be balanced against the downside of your pet suffering with diarrhea. If you start out with a conservative dose as noted in the chart and build up the dose if the pet shows no sign of a problem, you have a better chance of the pet adapting to a higher dose. Through experimentation, you'll need to find the level of essiac dosage that works best for your pet.

Note: This tea works best when taken on an empty stomach. If you can give the essiac to your pet away from meal times, that is ideal. If you need to mix the essiac with the run-off from tuna or with broth, that is the next best. If you need to mix it with food, that is better than not giving it at all. Some people use an eye dropper or a turkey baster to administer the essiac on an empty stomach, especially with cats.

Some pets will take essiac with no problem, but others will resist taking their essiac dosage/ For more info, click here for tips on how to get your pet to take essiac tea.

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