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Giving Essiac to Pets

There are a number of different ways of giving essiac to pets, and each pet will do best with a particular method.

1. Our first recommendation is to try mixing the tea with a liquid. Water will work if your pet isn't averse to the taste of essiac tea, but you might need to use another liquid besides water that your pet really enjoys to get him to take the tea. Try giving essiac to your pet using an eye dropper, syringe or turkey baster, depending on the size of your animal.

2. If that fails, try mixing the essiac with your pet's food. Although it is recommended that your pet (like humans) take the tea one hour before or two hours after a meal (in other words--on an empty stomach), you might find that there is simply no other way the animal will consistently take essiac. Many people have had success with treatment by mixing essiac in their pet’s food even though that mean the tea won’t be given on an empty stomach. Giving your pet essiac mixed in with his or her food is much better than not giving essiac to your pet at all.

Do your best with the consistency. If your pet doesn't take essiac one day, keep trying. Every dose you can give to your pet helps.

Essiac tea will tend to make your pet very thirsty--make sure he or she has plenty of water available when you give him or her your tea. It’s extremely rare for an pet to take too much water, in fact a high water intake is very beneficial for health.

giving essiac to pets
It can take a bit of time to figure out how to consistently give essiac to pets, but it's worth it. You will find many testimonials for pets in this list of testimonials: Essiac Tea Testimonials

How Long will it take for the essiac to work
once I start giving it to my pet?

This can vary very much from one petto the next. Some pets show improvement right away. The improvement can be that the animal's appetite increases. Some pets start showing a higher energy level. We have heard stories of pets being able to jump up onto things again when in the past the owner had to lift them. Some animals who were told they were terminal go on to live many more years. Some animals bide a few extra months. Some pets are more comfortable and that is about it. It's all worth it to see your animal doing better than they were. Giving essiac to your pet is a wonderful way to give your pet the best chance at a long, comfortable and happy life.

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