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Essiac Tea Aggressive Dose  is also known as the improvement of health dose.

Essiac Tea Aggressive Dose (Improvement of Health Dose) should be used by people who want to make improvements in their health. 

If you simply want to maintain your health, take a look at our maintanance dose.
essiac tea aggressive doseTake the time to learn how much essiac you should take each day.

Essiac Tea Aggressive Dose/improvement of health dose Instructions

Typical recommended amount and the amount recommended by Rene Caisse based upon her research is 9 oz. per day, taken in three separate 3 oz. doses. If you have been given less than six months to live, we suggest you use the aggressive dose plus.

Essiac tea aggressive dose is the recommended essiac tea regimen if you want to improve your health for the majority of people.

how long should i take the essiac tea aggressive dose/improvement of health dose?

You should remain on the aggressive dosage (improvement of health dosage) program for a minimum of six months, or until your test results return to normal. If your test results have returned to normal, you may reduce your essiac tea to the maintenance dosage of 3 oz. just twice per day. If at any point your symptoms return, we recommend that you return to the aggressive dosage/improvement of health dosage of three 3 oz. doses per day. 

what if i'm still sick after haven taken it for six months?

If the original condition persists even while you take essiac tea, continue on the aggressive treatment dosage/improvement of health dosage until your condition improves and you're satisfied with the results. Keep in mind that many people would have kept getting worse and worse with no intervention, so sometimes just holding steady with your health (not slipping) is a victory in and of itself.

essiac aggressive doseThe dosage suggestions we provide are the same as Rene Caisse recommended.

what if i get worse while taking the essiac?

It's not uncommon for people to get worse before they begin to get better, as things take time. Think about when you take an aspirin because you have a headache. It might take about 30 minutes for the aspirin to kick in. Your headache might get worse for the initial 20 minutes before the aspirin kicked in. That doesn't mean it won't work - it just hadn't started working so that you can feel the difference yet.

The essiac is the same idea but it works over a longer period of time. The 30 minute-aspirin treatment takes 6 months for many people in the case of essiac. That means you need to wait the 6 months before assuming it didn't work.

Note: The dosages that we're suggesting are measured in ounces of brewed tea.

All doses should be taken on an empty stomach. Essiac was tested by people with an empty stomach, and this will ensure maximum absorption of your essiac tea dosage. This means you should avoid eating for 2 hours before and 1 hour after taking essiac for best results.

*If you are currently taking chemotherapy and/or radiation, or you have been given a terminal diagnosis, we recommend the Aggressive PLUS Dose. Click here to view the Essiac Tea Aggressive PLUS dosage recommendations.

Click here to return to the essiac tea dosage recommendations page.

ordering essiac tea for aggressive dose/improvement of health dose

essiac tea aggressive use
Click here to order our most popular order size for those taking essiac tea aggressive dose/improvement of health dose: 3 lb. 4 oz. essiac in THIRTEEN (13) 4 oz. sealed/labeled packets.

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