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read the essiac tea dosage recommendations from rene caisse right here

The suggested essiac tea dosage is dependent upon the seriousness of your health condition. For example, those looking to improve their health are advised to take the Aggressive Dose/Improvement of Health per Rene Caisse. Others who simply wish to maintain their health may be fine with the Maintenance Dose.

***We use the entire sheep sorrel plant, including the roots, in our formula! It's 20% root.***

After doing a bit of research you should be able to find the dosage level that is most appropriate for you to start with. Be sure to check back with us for updated dosage recommendations as your condition changes - hopefully for the better!

If you need essiac dosage for children, click here.

If you need essiac dosage for pets, click here.

Note: Increasing essiac by doubling the dose can be done with no ill effects for up to six months at a time. However, decreasing below the three 3 oz. doses per day will greatly diminish the essiac's ability to work.

essiac tea dosage recommendations

essiac tea dosingThere is a choice of dosage levels depending on your current health status.

Aggressive Dose/Improvement of Health Dose is recommended if you are trying to improve your health. This is the standard recommended dose if you have (or suspect that you have) a health problem. It's also the recommended dose if there is anything about your health that you hope will improve. Click here for aggressive essiac dosage/improvement of health dosage instructions.

Aggressive Dose PLUS is recommended if you are currently on a regimen of chemotherapy and/or radiation, or you have been given a terminal diagnosis. Click here for aggressive PLUS essiac dosage instructions. 

Maintenance Dose is recommended for at least six months AFTER your test results have returned to normal. Many choose to remain on maintenance dose permanently to ensure good health. There is no need to take a break. Click here for maintenance essiac dosage instructions. 

Preventive Dose is recommended for those who are healthy but wish to prevent health problems, disease and illness. There is no need to take a break. Click here for preventive essiac dosage instructions. 

Detoxification Dose is recommended if you wish to detoxify your system to improve health, prevent disease and illness, or recover from disease or illness. Detoxification regimens are typically done for a fixed period of time. Click here for detoxification essiac tea dosage instructions.

this video explains why taking 4.5 oz. twice per day isn't a replacement for taking 3 oz. three times per day.

Still have Questions about Dosage?
Click here to contact us if you have questions about the appropriate essiac tea dosage for your situation.

The "Sludge" at the bottom of the essiac tea container:  Do not toss it!

essiac tea serving sizeBe sure you leave the herbs in the tea after brewing!

It's important that you consume some of the herbs that end up in the brewed tea as part of each and every dose. Therefore, please do not strain and throw out the particles at the bottom (some describe it as mud, sludge or sediment). It's important to get some of these particles into each and every dose you take.

The most effective way to do this for most people is to use a large wooden spoon to stir the pitcher before pouring each dose. You can leave the lid off your container to make this more convenient. Stirring tends to work better than shaking especially when the pitcher is full.

purchasing essiac tea

Our essiac takes just 10 minutes once every two weeks to prepare. It costs less than $1 per day to use!

our most popular size is the 13 4 oz. bags. it lasts six months.

essiac tea dosage recommendationsOur essiac tea dosage recommendations come directly from Rene Caisse.
Click here to order the six-month supply for aggressive dose/improvement of health dose for one person for $164.97. It costs less than $1 per day to use!

you can also start with a two month supply.

purchase essiac tea

If you'd rather start small, you can order 1 lb. of essiac in four 4-oz. packets for $58.27. This order lasts three months at the improvement of health/aggressive dose, or three months at the maintenance dose. If you're not sure which dosage you need, click here to learn.

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essiac tea 101 guide

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Disclaimer: Essiac is not FDA tested and has not been FDA approved as a treatment or cure for any health problem, including cancer. We do not represent it as such on this site. You must determine whether essiac is a product you should pursue. You must determine your ideal essiac tea dosage on your own. We have provided accounts and descriptions that represent the opinions of a variety of experts as well as actual users of essiac. We believe that our formula is the best essiac formula being sold in the world, and that our essiac tea ingredients are of the highest quality. However, we do not endorse anything on this site as medical fact.

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