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Red Clover and Essiac

We get many questions from folks wondering about red clover and essiac. Usually these folks are ones who have been diagnosed with an estrogen based cancer. Quite often they read on a blog that red clover is not good for those with estrogen based cancers. Sometimes their practitioner passed that information along.

We are not doctors. All we can do is share with you the results we have seen and continue to see from those taking essiac. In spite of the fears, year after year breast cancer survivors reach out to us telling us that they are in remission, that their numbers are improving, or that they are feeling so much better. We reach out to all of our customers and we hear back when things didn’t go so well (that happens sometimes—it’s rare, but it does). Usually upon communicating we come to learn that the person wasn’t taking the tea three times per day or the person wasn’t taking it on an empty stomach. But sometimes, even when the instructions left by Rene Caisse are followed to a “T” the outcome wasn’t what was hoped for. However, this does not happen more with estrogen based cancers than it does other types of cancers. Again, we are sharing the feedback we receive with you. Here is our best way of explaining why red clover seems to be fine for these folks with estrogen based cancers.

Red Clover and Essiac: What You Need to Know.

1.    The herbs in essiac tea work in a synergistic manner. This means that, when taken together in a specific ratio, they have a different effect than they would have being taken one herb at a time. It’s similar to how the ingredients in a cake don’t necessarily taste good on their own, but when you mix them together in a specific ratio and bake it, well then you have something special. Most people don't realize that the red clover has different effects when it's part of the formula rather than on its own.

2.    Perhaps even more importantly, the amount of red clover included in the formula is exceedingly small. It’s a really tiny portion of the formula. Quite often, a practitioner is either not trained in herbs or they are not aware of how tiny the amount is.

We sometimes get a question about someone wanting us to make them essiac that doesn’t have red clover. We would never sell essiac without red clover because it simply wouldn’t work. We refuse to take your money if we know the results won’t be there.

We hope this information helped clarify the issues surrounding red clover and essiac. If you have additional questions feel free to contact us.

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