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An essiac tea break: is it necessarY?

Ever wondered if you need to take an essiac tea break? The short answer is "No."

We are aware that many herbal products come with the recommendation of taking a break from using it so that the body doesn't "get used to" it. In some cases with products like these, if you don't take a break, your body could overdose on the ingredients and it's possible the substance could cause more harm than good.

However, essiac tea has none of these factors at play. You don't ever need to take a break from taking essiac!!

  • Essiac tea has much more in common with food than it does with an herbal supplement. Many of the ingredients in essiac tea are in fact found in healthy diets, such as watercress and kelp. Like other healthy habits such as brushing your teeth, taking a break from essiac isn't necessary or advised. 
  • You may have read some misinformation stating that it's best to take a break from Essiac tea on other websites, but that doesn't mean it's correct information. We can assure you that there is no reason at all to take a break. Don't let misinformation sway you from the truth.
  • Feel free to keep on using your essiac tea as long as you would like to receive the benefits! There is no reason at all to take a break.

instead of an essiac tea break, learn about Dosage changes you may make over time

essiac tea breakYou have the choice between the aggressive dose and the maintenance dose of essiac tea.

You may, however, wish to change the amount of essiac you take over time. When you first begin using essiac, we recommend that you take it 3 oz. three times per day for at least six months. After the six months have passed, you can choose between the aggressive dose or the maintenance dose.

how much essiac tea should I take?

The aggressive dose is appropriate if you are interested in improving your health. You can take the Aggressive PLUS dose if you have been given a terminal diagnosis. The maintenance dose is for - you guessed it - those who wish to simply maintain their health (stay the same).

If you wish to stay on the aggressive dose even if your goal is simply to maintain health, that's certainly fine as well!

Hopefully you now are reassured that there is no need to take an essiac tea break, and that taking a break would likely be a mistake. If you have any other questions for us about the need for an essiac tea break, reach out and ask.



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