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can essiac tea make my tumor bigger?

We hear from many folks who ask, "Can essiac tea make my tumor bigger?" Perhaps they read that it can online, or they heard it from a friend of doctor. The answer to the question is not straightforward, but in this article you will understand why it's a tricky question and what will be best for your body in regard to taking essiac tea.

can essiac tea make my tumor bigger? The facts.

Before starting essiac, it's important to understand what tends to happen when someone who has a tumor takes the tea. 

can essiac tea make your tumor bigger

For many types of tumors, in order for the body to get rid of the tumor it first has to break it up.

Let's imagine the tumor as a ball of dirt for example's sake. In order to break up and wash away a ball of dirt, first you have to smash it which causes it to expand in volume (it looks like more dirt) while it becomes less dense and therefore easier to wash away. 

In the body, when essiac is used to support healing the essiac causes a similar effect on many tumors. This means that if you start taking essiac, say on January 1st and get an imaging scan of the size, and then you go back on March 1st while having been on essiac for the past 2 months, there is a chance that the tumor will show up as larger in March. That's because the scans are generally measuring volume, not weight or density. 

This could cause you to think that the tumor has grown and that essiac is not helping, or that it's even making things worse. However, the reality is that things were exactly as they should have been in that time frame as your body was breaking up the tumor. 

Now, if you went back again for the scan in July after having been on essiac for six months, that is really when you should gauge whether or not your body is responding well to essiac. 

The time frame that is needed for essiac to really begin to do its job is the six-month mark. You can certainly test before six months, but just know that it might have been too soon to see the change you seek. 

So, now you the answer to the question, "Can essiac tea make my tumor bigger?” You understand why that belief is out there and what it really means – that “bigger” (i.e. more spread out) is better when it comes to breaking up tumors! 

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