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Eight herb Essiac Has Been Clinically Proven to be Superior to four Herb blends

Eight herb Essiac is the best form of Essiac available both in our experience as well as in the studies that have been performed on this tea. All of the studies are documented in the book The Essiac Report by Richard Thomas.

Those in-the-know will not use four herb blends. Eight herb Essiac contains herbs that target liver health as well as colon health. Because the health of the body is dependent on both the liver and the colon, the complete Essiac formula, rather than the shortened four herb version, does the best job! You can purchase eight herb Essiac by clicking here.

***We use the entire sheep sorrel plant, including the roots, in our formula! It's 20% root.***

There is Much Confusion Surrounding Essiac Tea - But We Can Help You Choose the Most Effective Essiac For Your needs.

There is a tremendous amount confusion surrounding the herbal supplement known as Essiac. With so much contradictory information, we understand why you might not know who to believe! Some people claim that four herb Essiac is superior, while others believe that eight herb Essiac is the better choice. All of this has made it difficult for people to know what choice is best for their health.

8 herb essiac teaEight herb essiac is the one that Rene Caisse found to work the best in her research, and it's the only kind covered by a Money-Back Guarantee.

The ultimate goal for those who sell Essiac should be to eradicate the confusion and to help assist people in their fight against cancer and other diseases. That is why we include a plethora of information on Essiac and cancer on this website, why we strive to offer top-notch customer service, and why we offer Essiac at the lowest price we can afford. 

If you question whether you can trust us, please consider the fact that we offer Essiac at a lower cost than everyone else out there who has a legit formula. Moreover, we rely on generating repeat business BECAUSE our price is so low. If our Essiac didn't work, we simply could not stay afloat!

essiac tea vaginal cancer testimonial

Many companies employ scare tactics and misleading marketing claims in an attempt to scare you into spending lots of money on their very expensive Essiac. You will NEVER get that here! Please give us a chance to prove to your that our Essiac is the real stuff, and the best stuff you will find anywhere! 

8 herb essiacRene Caisse, the Canadian nurse credited with taking essiac mainstream.

the historical background of essiac

According to many herbalists and in the marketplace today, "Essiac" is comprised of four herbs: Sheep Sorrel (Rumex acetosella), Burdock Root (Arctium lappa), Slippery Elm Bark (Ulmus flilva), and Turkish Rhubarb Root (Rheum palmatum). The four herb Essiac formula is in the public domain - and almost every herbalist, altnerative health clinican, and health food store carries it. However, this four herb formula is actually just a smaller version of the eight herb Essiac formula. The eight herb formula is the one received and gradually refined by Canadian nurse Rene Caisse (Pronounced 'Rin Case'). 

The story of Essiac began with Rene Caisse. Caisse was a head nurse in an Ontario hospital, and she heard of an herbal recipe from an elderly female patient. The formula contained four herbs. It was given to the woman years before by an Ojibway medicine man. The Ojibway medicine man had offered his help because he knew the woman was suffering from breast cancer.

The patient recovered from her cancer and it never returned. In 1922, she gave Rene the recipe after Rene expressed her interest in attempting helping others with cancer by administering this herbal formula.

Rene Caisse used this four herb recipe two years later on her aunt, who was terminally ill with stomach and liver cancer. She eventually started calling it "Essiac " (Essiac is her last name spelled backwards). Happily, her aunt recovered and her illness never returned. Caisse and her aunt's doctor, Dr. R.O. Fisher, began experimenting with the herbal tea and conducted some research on Essiac using mice. Dr. R.O. Fisher began using Essiac with some of his terminally ill patients, and many of his patients improved greatly.

Rene Caisse Began Testing Different Versions of the Essiac Formula

Caisse and the doctor began to vary the formula during their research. One version involved injecting one of the herbs (the sheep sorrel) while administering the others orally in liquid form (The Ojibway medicine man and his people never injected it; they had simply prepared tea, but Rene had decided to conduct formal research on her formula in hopes that she could improve its efficacy even further).

It was discovered that only one herb could be injected - and it had to be into the muscle. This was a painful procedure for very sick people, and many, due to their emaciated state, had hardly any muscles left that were healthy enough to accept injections. Nonetheless, this partial-injection method of administering Essiac was used for several years and there were some success stories that were documented from this procedure. However, there were failures too, and Caisse felt that additional studies were needed. 

Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch Collaborate to Further the Research and Use of Essiac Tea

In 1959, Rene Caisse went to the Brusch Medical Clinic in Cambridge, Mass. to join Dr. Charles Armao Brusch, MD. She became partners with Dr. Charles Brusch with the intent of forming the "Rene Caisse Cancer Research Foundation," a charitable foundation which would have the purpose of utilizing this tea as a treatment for cancer in humans. Rene was provided with three rooms for her use at the clinic and all her expenses were taken care of. Rene and Charles Brusch remained partners, co-developers and co-owners until her death in 1978 at the age of 91. 

Dr. Brusch, a medical doctor of noted background (he was also President Kennedy's physician), had developed an interest in other natural forms of healing. His objective was always the "well-being" of the patient. He had set up the first acupuncture clinic to collect research data, and that was operating in his medical clinic when Rene Caisse arrived in 1959. He was the first doctor in the Western hemisphere to initiate a plan similar to Medicare within his clinic for those without money for medical help. He was extremely interested in herbs and their power to heal, which he learned from a long-time friend, a master herbalist from Lathrop, Missouri.

The objective at Dr. Brusch's clinic was to prove the merits of this simple, non-toxic herbal formula called Essiac. The formula had been used with great success on many terminally ill patients - but Dr. Brusch wanted to do even better. They began their research on the Essiac using oral treatment only. Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch also began to experiment with adding additional herbs beyond just the original four. No other medication was used in this testing on the patients. The herbs were brewed in a particular way as a tea and were given on an empty stomach.

In the hope of identifying the active ingredient, they experimented with injecting variations of solutions, each vial containing a different herb. This failed to isolate one single herb, proving that effective results are obtained though the unique combination of herbs in the correct proportions - the Essiac formula. The best results were obtained using an eight herb formula in specific proportions, and given orally as a tea.

Consequently they returned to exclusively using the Essiac formula orally. One version of this formula is called "Flor-Essence" in the marketplace. A double-blind study was done in which other herbal formulas were used, all of which proved to be inferior to one particular eight herb Essiac, which was the formula settled upon to use moving forward. That is the same eight herb formula that we carry today.

The Results of the Clinical Trials on the Benefits of Eight Herb Essiac Tea 

eight herb essiacThese clinical trials removed any doubt that eight herb essiac is superior to four herb blends.

some of the positive results obtained from the eight herb essiac formulas were:

  • cessation of pain

  • increased appetite (emaciated patients gained weight)
  • improved sleep
  • feeling of well-being
  • increased energy
  • a decrease in depression
  • a decrease in anxiety and fear
  • a prolongation of life
  • a decrease of nodular masses.

Dr. Brusch stated that the mechanism through which the eight herb tea worked was as follows: the Essiac Tea identified the toxins in the body, gathered them together, broke them down, and assisted the body in discharging them. For a book covering the results of this reseach, check out The Essiac Report by Richard Thomas.

the essiac formula is tested further

Through the years some testing was done on Essiac at well-known facilities including Sloan Kettering, Northwestern University, and Christie Street Hospital in Toronto, as well as many others. However, as Rene Caisse refused to reveal the full formula, conclusive results remained incomplete.

In 1975, she only passed the injectable herb over to Sloan Kettering for testing purposes. They choose to freeze it - the one thing you absolutely cannot do with these herbs - which rendered it useless to test. Rene withdrew the formula from them immediately. 

Caisse Did Not Wish to Share The Essiac Formula

In 1977, following a lengthy and in-depth article in a national Canadian magazine, "Homemaker's," a retired chemist named David Fingard was shown the article, and was fascinated to read that Rene Caisse had never given the formula to anyone (other than her partner, with whom she worked). He determined that he would go and see her and talk her into releasing the formula to him. He had never heard of the woman before, even though she lived and worked in the same province, and many stories had been written about her. He admitted this on the "Stayin' Alive" talk radio show, when he was being interviewed by broadcaster Elaine Alexander. 

Finegard continued to present his proposal to Caisse, although she kept turning him down. She had already had several offers over the years to disclose the formula, but had always declined, because she believed it would be exploited. Finally, he told both Rene Caisse and Dr. Brusch that he was going to be financially funded by a large Canadian mining corporation, and that he would open five clinics across the country to treat terminally ill cancer patients free of charge, if they would only release the formula to him.

Caisse and Dr. Brusch felt that perhaps this was the last chance to get the herbal tea "out" to the people who needed it the most: the "terminal" cancer patients. At the same time, they were wary to reveal the full eight herb Essiac formula because they were remained guarded against exploitation. 

the resperin contract

A contract was drawn up on Oct. 26th, 1977 between Resperin Corporation Limited, David Fingard, and Rene Caisse. The contract provided that Resperin and Caisse would co-operate in the promotion of the Essiac treatment for use throughout the world in alleviation and cure of cancer.

Sadly, there was very little compensation in the contract for Rene who had given 56 years of her life to this herbal tea. Dr. Brusch, who was to share any royalty with Caisse, withdrew in this capacity and became only a witness to the signing of the contract.

Caisse cautiously passed over a smaller four herb formula that day in 1977, as she already had great doubts about what she had been told. Her doubts proved to be true when nothing seemed to be happening and no clinics were ever opened. To this day, no royalty has ever been paid from this contract to the "Rene Caisse Estate." She gave it away free for 56 years, and has been cheated ever since. Her contract had been breached by Resperin, and technically Caisse reserved the rights to retract her formula, which was a condition stated in the agreement. 

essiac after rene caisse

original eight herb essiac

In 1978, Rene Caisse passed away. Her most active career in terms of working directly with patients in a clinical setting was from 1924 to 1942, the year when she closed her cancer clinic - the one she had operated for eight years in Bracebridge, Ontario. At that time, the medical powers-that-be formed a "Cancer Commission" which had the power to decree what could be used to treat cancer. Rene feared being charged, even though all around her, including many medical doctors, were completely aware of her outstanding successes. Dr. Brusch continued to work with the Essiac formula they had developed together and many of his patients reaped the benefits. 

In 1984, Dr. Brusch was interviewed by a long-time radio producer and broadcaster, Elaine Alexander, who broadcast out of Vancouver, Canada. This woman, as the producer of a popular radio talk show, produced a few programs on this herbal tea in the 1970s and had researched it in-depth for many years. In 1984, as a broadcaster, she introduced a new program called "Stayin' Alive." This show was a health-oriented show concerned with informing the listeners of the best in alternate and more natural ways of restoring health. On this show she again reported on this famous, though underrated, story. 

The listener response was massive and seven 2-hour programs were produced covering Essiac Tea in every aspect. Dr. Brusch was interviewed a number of times, as were others of importance to the story. Elaine and Dr. Brusch became friends. He was impressed by her long research of the subject, and her genuine interest. In 1988 they became partners legally and he passed to her a number of the herbal formulas on which he and Rene had worked during the time they were partners and co-owners. 

The Eight Herb Essiac Formulas That Are Available Today

A further developed formula of this herbal tea, now known as "Flor-Essence," emerged in the marketplace in July 1992. This pre-brewed liquid tea contains eight herbs that its makers claim are in perfect proportion for synergistic activity. Originally this tea was only available in pre-made (liquid) form, which made it very expensive to take on a continual basis. Now, the dry herbs are also available, but Flor-Essence is still more expensive than many alternate brands that contain the same eight herbs. However, Flor-Essence is a highly reputable product and many attribute great results to this tea. 

On this website you may purchase Rene Caisse and Dr. Brusch's recommended eight herb Essiac at discount pricing to save money. Click here to see our eight herb Essiac selection. 

We carry only eight herb Essiac as this formula is the most effective formula according to the clinical trials by Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch. We back all of our Essiac products with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. We also Price-Match Guarantee that we have the lowest price anywhere! None of the other Essiac companies offer a Money-Back Guarantee.

eight herb essiac

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Disclaimer: Eight herb Essiac is not FDA tested and has not been FDA approved as a treatment or cure for any health problem, including cancer. We do not represent it as such on this site. You must determine whether eight herb Essiac is a product you should pursue. We have provided accounts and descriptions that represent the opinions of a variety of experts as well as actual users of eight herb Essiac. We believe that our formula is the most effective eight herb Essiac formula being sold in the world, and that our eight herb Essiac is of the highest quality. However, we do not endorse anything on this site as medical fact.

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