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Learn the ideal percentage of sheep sorrel root in an authentic essiac tea formula

separating out the myths from the facts about the percentage of sheep sorrel root in essiac tea

Nothing is more important than making sure you have the ideal percentage of sheep sorrel root in your essiac tea. Here's what you need to know.

Authentic essiac tea always contains 20% sheep sorrel including the root. Unfortunately, many businesses have begun claiming that the optimum sheep sorrel amount is 25%.

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Why would they say this? Funny you should ask. False statements like that are a marketing ploy to instill fear and to convince people to buy their essiac tea based solely on made up sheep sorrel percentages. These companies are charging ridiculously high prices even though many of them don't even have authentic essiac! This fear-based campaign has caught on like wildfire on The Essiac Tea Users Group on Facebook, in particular.

The reputable companies like ours refuse to go along this myth and instead stick with the truth. It's because we understand that adjusting the amount of sheep sorrel would change the way the formula works and move it too far away from the blend that Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch developed together. The ratios of the herbs must be maintained if you expect the same outcome that gave this tea it's incredible reputation.

percentage sheep sorrel root essiacBe sure that the essiac tea you are buying contains the same percentage of sheep sorrel that Rene Caisse found worked best in her research.

The essiac tea companies endorsed by Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch refuse to change from the 20% sheep sorrel content because they respect the integrity of the formula and respect their customers’ need for essiac tea that is both authentic and effective. See our proof of authenticity by clicking here

None of these companies that promote the need for sheep sorrel to be 25% of the formula back theirs by a Money-Back Guarantee like we do, or by a 110% Price-Match Guarantee

We will let you be the judge!

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