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Make Taking Essiac Easier

Check out our tips to make taking essiac easier. Learn how to make taking essiac easier, no matter what your main difficulty is. Read a tip, leave a tip! Tips are organized by category. Enjoy!

make taking essiac easierOur essiac takes just 10 minutes once every 2 weeks to prepare! It costs less than $1 per day to use.

Click here for examples of our recommended essiac brewing supplies. Bonus: Most people have these items already in their kitchens!

make taking essiac easier: our best tips

for those who find it difficult with timing to take essiac tea on an empty stomach

This tip was submitted from Allan Blake:

"I eat small meals often, so I find it hard to take essiac tea on an empty stomach.

What I do now is eat breakfast as soon as I wake up, then 2 hours later take one dose. I take a second dose 2 hours after dinner but 1 hour before my bedtime snack. I almost always wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and I sneak into the kitchen to take my third dose then."

essiac taking tips for those following an arurvedic diet

This tip was submitted by Naomi:

"Hi - I've been drinking your tea for a couple of years now - three years cancer free (had stage 4 rectal cancer),  My Ayurvedic Dr thought that after I remove the tea from the fridge I should pour fresh ginger tea into it and the juice of half a lemon or lime. The reason being that #1 we should not consume something ice cold (it lowers your digestive fire) #2 the ginger and lime add the missing qualities  of the 6 tastes that the body requires for proper digestion #3 ginger is a powerful burner of toxins.  Just thought I would share and I wondered what your thoughts might be!  I share you site with many of my friends and clients."

*Note - we suggest taking essiac cold just as Rene Caisse recommended, but luke warm is better than actually heating it up or adding boiling water to the essiac once it's been made, which risks overprocessing.

make essiac easierDon't worry - you will find a way to be consistent about taking your essiac tea with these tips!

for those who find it difficult to take 3 doses of essiac per day

This tip was submitted by Bryan Paulhus:

"I have been taking the aggressive dose of essiac for my asthma. I take a dose when I first wake up, then another after my breakfast has digested around 10am. I take my last dose right before bed." 

for those who are trying to give essiac to a dog

This tip was submitted from Esther Karp:

"An easy way to give essiac tea to a dog is to mix it with powder beef gravy. Sometimes the tea is too cold out out of the fridge for our dog, so we let it sit out for a few minutes before mixing it. This really can make taking essiac easier for my dog."

essiac tips to takeThe same essiac tea that humans take can also be taken by pets!

essiac taking tips for those who have a hard time swallowing the tea

This tip was submitted from Jan Bradley in Australia:

"I have found a technique for taking the tea that is working for me and may assist others who have a problem with drinking things right out of the fridge.

I pour my dosage of tea into a wide based measuring cup and let it sit on the kitchen counter for about 15 minutes.

In just that small amount of time, the temperature of the tea warms to just below room temperature and can make taking essiac a LOT easier. It is not as bitter tasting nor as painful on teeth sensitive to cold, as it is right from the fridge."

for those who don't like the bitterness of the tea

This tip is from Gina Paulhus of Haverhill MA:

"I mix a small pinch of stevia powder into the essiac. Stevia is a sweet herb and is non-caloric but not an artificial sweetener.

This takes the edge off the bitter taste of the tea.

I also usually swallow the essiac without breathing through my nose: this virtually eliminates the taste of essiac. Finally, if the aftertaste is an issue I will rinse my mouth out with water or orange juice after taking my dose."

Stevia can be purchased by clicking here.

*Note - this was only necessary for me during my first week or two of taking essiac. I quickly grew accustomed to the taste and can just take it now, no big deal :)

This tip is from Cheryl Draeger:

"I tried adding mint tea to essiac and cannot taste the essiac--only the mint!"

This tip is from Francine Vozzella from Massachusetts:

"I blend an ounce or two of natural apple juice into my essiac before I drink it. I find this makes the tea more tolerable."

This tip is from PZ in Florida:

"I add a sprig of mint to the pitcher after brewing the tea. This really helps make taking essiac easier."

This tip is from Ron Willocks:

"Try a little Agave Nectar. It will be next to the honey at your supermarket. Agave Nectar can really make taking essiac easier and more pleasant."

This tip is from Rachelle from California: 

"I like to add my essiac to kale and frozen banana when I juice."

essiac taking tips for pets

This tip is from Carl Fritch from MA:

"I found that my dog will eat a slice of bread* that has been soaked in essiac tea, even though he won't drink essiac tea straight."

*Note: We do NOT advise giving bread to dogs, because the potential mold can make them sick or even kill them. We are just sharing this user's experience, but do not recommend giving bread to your dog.

essiac sweetener

to improve the flavor of essiac

This tip is from Sarah Gunner from PA:

"I love combining peppermint tea with essiac. This is the brand I use:"

This tip is from Jim Millersburg in AZ:

"I like to add a squeeze of lime or lemon to the essiac."

order your own supply of essiac tea today.

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Do you have your own Essiac Taking Tip to make taking essiac easier? Don't keep it to yourself! Share it below.

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