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How Essiac Tastes

Tips for Improving How Essiac Tastes

Ever wonder how essiac tastes? Essiac has a grassy, earthy taste. While most people become used to the taste of essiac fairly quickly (within a few days of taking it), some prefer to try to 'mask' the taste. Others prefer to use specific techniques to minimize the taste.

Method #1:  Get it over with!

In this technique, you want to get the essiac down as quickly and painlessly as possible. To do this, try pouring the essiac dose about 1/2 hour before you're ready to drink it. That way, it will not be as cold. Alternatively,you can warm the essiac in the microwave for 15 seconds or so. The colder the essiac, the harder it is to 'chug' sometimes.

Hold your nose and drink the essiac down as fast as possible. Still holding your nose, immediately rinse your mouth out with water or juice. Release the grip on your nose. The whole thing is done and over with and you're not much worse for the wear! Over time, you should find that you can hold your breath without actually holding your nose, and that you won't feel the need to rinse your mouth after. This is just to help you get used to it initially.

Method #2:  Take the edge off!

In this technique, you are going to mix the essiac with something to change the taste. However, there are a few rules that must be followed.

Rule 1.  No sugar (even cane sugar), corn syrup or artificial sweeteners

Rule 2.  No protein (even 2 grams is too much)

So what can you have? Try mixing 100% natural fruit or vegetable juice. Usually 1 part essiac to 1 part juice does the trick. Keep in mind, however, that now you have twice as much volume to drink.

You can use:

*orange juice

*apple juice

*tomato juice

*a splash of lemon or lime juice

*other herbal teas

If you prefer to change how essiac tastes without adding volume, try using the natural herb stevia in your essiac. Stevia can be ordered here:

Order liquid stevia for your essiac tea

Order stevia packets for your essiac tea

Keep in mind--the essiac rule about taking essiac on an 'empty stomach' isn't quite as bad as it sounds at first. Here are things you can have mixed with, or taken alongside, the essiac:

*coffee (black)

*tea (black)

*vitamins and minerals


*prescription medications

*fruit or vegetable juice (with no added sugar)


 Have other essiac taking tips? Any comments on how essiac tastes to you? Please share them with us:

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