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looking for essiac tea bags? think again.

learn what you sacrifice when you choose essiac tea bags...and how simple and quick it is to brew the loose powdered tea.

essiac tea bagsDon't make the mistake of using essiac tea bags - they are most certainly not Rene Caisse approved.

Essiac in tea bags sound super convenient...until you learn that the convenience comes at a huge cost.

Furthermore, loose powdered essiac tea is so simple and quick to make that you'll wonder why you ever thought of needing tea bags in the first place!

some background on why essiac tea bags are the wrong choice when it comes to your essiac tea

First of all, it's best to prepare the essiac tea just as Rene Caisse did - and that was most certainly NOT with essiac tea bags. She learned how to prepare this tea from a recipe passed down from an Ojibway medicine man - and it's pretty apparent that the Ojibway didn't use tea bags.

what you need to know about the requirements to make authentic essiac tea

First things first - essiac tea should be prepared in advance and taken cold. This means that using tea bags would unnecessarily complicate that matter. Tea bags make the most sense when you're preparing essiac one cup at a time - which is exactly how you're NOT supposed to be doing it. Essiac is to be taken 3 oz. at a time, so using a tea bag really wouldn't make sense.

The big reason not to use essiac tea bags though is that the herbs should be consumed along with the tea. If you used a tea bag to prepare essiac, you'd be throwing out the herbs. Our herbs are powdered, just as Rene Caisse did, and they are designed to be injested. All you'll do is shake or stir your container when you go to pour your doses to be sure that some of the small herb particles get into each and every dose you pour.

but tea bags seem so easy!

essiac teabagsOur powdered essiac tea takes just ten minutes once every two weeks to prepare. It could not be simpler!

No worries - our essiac tea takes just ten minutes once every two weeks to make! That averages out to less than a minute/day of time, and even for that minute that you're "making" the tea, all you are doing is letting it boil! It couldn't be simpler. Check our our easy brewing instructions.

Once it's made, store it in the fridge in any pitcher you'd normally use for iced tea. Using glass is not necessary, but if you prefer to use glass you certainly can. Check out some common myths and misconceptions about essiac, including the myth that essiac should be stored in amber bottles. You can make your tea in gallon, quart, or pint-size batches. If you're taking 3 oz. three times per day and it's just one person using the tea, a gallon will last 2 weeks, which is perfect since the tea keeps for 2-3 weeks in the fridge.

order essiac tea in convenient 4 oz. packets today.

essiac tea in bags

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