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the most effective essiac

learn what makes an essiac tea formula the most effective type

Curious to know what's the most effective essiac tea available? 

According to the research, it's eight herb essiac tea. Confused? It's understandable because there is lots of contradictory information floating around out there.

the most effective essiac is eight herb essiac according to rene caisse's research

First, you have to know that essiac tea is essentially two different generations of essiac. Initially it was a four herb formula, and that was used up until around 1959. That's when Rene Caisse was invited to Cambridge, Massachusetts and worked alongside Dr. Charles Brusch who ran a research center in Cambridge.

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Their mission was to take that original formula and define how well it worked to start off. Then with a team of 18 physicians, they did eight years of research in order to improve upon that formula. By the end of eight years of research, they had an eight herb formula that was clinically proven to be superior to the original four herb formula. Now it still had the original four herbs as its base but four additional herbs, called potentiators, were added to the formula to make it even more effective. 

most effective essiac teaThe most extensive research on essiac tea ever performed was done from 1959 through 1967 at the Brusch Medical Research Center in Cambridge MA.

Because the new formula had the original four herbs plus four additional, this means the serving size of the newer formula had to grow. The serving size for four herb essiac historically is 2 oz. of essiac at a time. The serving size of four herb essiac is 3 oz. because the extra oz. contains the additional four herbs that are added in to enhance the effectiveness of the original four herb formula. This way you'll still getting all of the benefits of the original four herb formula, and then some!

All of this is covered in the book The Essiac Report by Richard Thomas. This book has all the pictures and the documents about the process of the advanced eight herb formula being developed. Richard Thomas is an objective third party individual who does not, and did not, sell essiac tea. It's a great place to go to get the facts.

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