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why kelp free essiac isn't something we are comfortable offering

Kelp free essiac seems like a good idea on the surface. After all, there are people out there who have been told, for various reasons, to avoid iodine.

Our body can't make iodine, and therefore to get what we need we either need to supplement with it or take it in with our diet. Kelp is a seaweed that is abundant in iodine. The other common source is table salt which has iodine added in to protect the general public from deficiency.

for medical reasons some folks are told to avoid sources of iodine

If your doctor told you to stay away from things like table salt and kelp, of course you want to respect that. And certainly iodine supplements would not be a good idea in that case either. What you need to know about essiac tea is that kelp constitutes a tiny portion of the formula. It is nothing like consuming kelp as part of a meal, or even adding a sprinkle of table salt onto your food. It's certainly going to be much less iodine than you'd get with a supplement. That said, yes there is iodine in essiac. It's just at a trace amount. So far, in over 30 years of working with essiac tea, we have had 0 incidents of a response to iodine being reported. 

On the contrary, when we have made up kelp free essiac for people, we have found the results to be lackluster. For that reason we no longer will prepare kelp free essiac because we refuse to offer a product that we don't believe in. This formula works synergistically, meaning that you can't take one herb away and expect it to work the same.

essiac without kelpLuckily, essiac is a product that contains only trace amounts of kelp.

kelp free essiac: the bottom line

So, the short answer to the question "Do you make kelp free essiac?" is, no. Kelp is an important ingredient in Essiac tea. The trace amount of kelp isn't at a threshold that would cause any issues. And yet it's at a level that has benefit in the formula, medicinally. So the answer is, we keep it in there, it belongs and there, and there's no ill effect to including it at these levels. It's responsible usage and that's why it's totally safe. We cannot cover kelp free essiac under our Money Back Results Guarantee since we have not seen the results with that formula, and we also have many testimonials for those with thyroid problems healing while using essiac. That being said, you are responsible for your own choice and decision. We just wanted to share our side of things so that you have a balanced view of the situation.

did you want to purchase some essiac tea today?

kelp free essiac

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