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what to expect in terms of the the international shipping costs of essiac tea

Many people who live outside the US find our essiac and then decide that they would prefer to order essiac from a seller in their country instead in order to save on shipping costs. After all, shipping a heavy box of herbs simply costs a lot.

international shipping costs essiacEven with the shipping costs internationally factored in, our essiac will be the best deal for real essiac you're likely to find.

Here are 5 reasons why buying from a country other than the U.S. doesn’t offer the savings it appears. You’ll learn why you will save tons of money ordering our Genuine Essiac and having it be shipped overseas.

#1 It's very, very tough to find authentic essiac

Real essiac is very hard to come by. There are less than a handful of companies that sell it, and the ones who do  tend to charge a much higher price - anywhere from four to eight times as much as we do.

This means if it costs $100 to buy our herbs, the same herbs from these companies will be $400 to $800! Given the usage rate and duration for most people, this can be a savings of well over a thousand dollars per year. Finances aside though, only trust companies that have a proven lineage to the correct formula.

essiac tea testimony

#2 you have to compare the actual costs of using the product - not the sticker price

Many people see the price point being lower with one brand and rush to grab that product. But how much are you getting, and how long does it last? Our most popular item is a six month supply. Because this product tends to be used for six months or longer, you really do need to think long term when buying it.

If you spend $30 on a one-week supply, it feels like a bargain...until you then have to buy more the next week. If you spend the $149.97 once (plus shipping, the cost of which is addressed later in this article) to buy our six month supply, you don't have to buy any more for the next six months and the savings is huge compared to when you buy just a week or two’s worth of herbs at a time.

#3 how many times do you want to have to pay for shipping (or is shipping "built in" to the cost)?

If you pay even just $8 for shipping every two weeks within your country, that is still going to be cost than it would be paying us just once for a six month supply. $8 times 13 weeks is $104, and our average charge of $50 for shipping for an international order that lasts six months is half of that. Even if you are enjoying free shipping…is it really free? Most companies build the cost of "free shipping" into the product, so once again be sure to add up actual costs per period of time before you jump to conclusions about which company offers the best deal.

All these numbers make it tricky to think in real terms. How about this: most of the Essiac products we are seeing on the market cost $4-$8 to use per day, and many of those products have no proof of a connection to the original formula. Ours costs $0.91 per day to use within the US, and as much as $1.13 to use internationally when you purchase a six month supply.

#4 i know...but it still hurts to pay a lot for shipping

We get it…no one wants to pay a lot for shipping. Part of why it feels like so much to pay for the shipping is because our Essiac costs so little compared to other companies! Our six month supply is $149.97. The average competitor’s six month supply would run you $749.85. Our average six month shipping charge is about $50. Paying $50 for shipping seems like a lot for a $149.97 product…but if the product was $749.85 it wouldn’t seem so outrageous. Interesting how that works, huh! We save you the $600 extra off the cost of the product, which is what you should focus on.

#5 if you can afford it, grab a year supply and save!

This larger purchase will save you even more as it's more efficient to ship larger packages. For instance, in some countries the cost of shipping a six month supply is the exact same as the cost to ship a year’s supply. And no worries - the herbs will keep for up to 2 years from date of purchase. Score!

Note - If you have a Fed Ex account with great rates, send us a label and we'll be able to use that! Just contact us to set it up and we'll get you a custom invoice.

ok, i'm sold. but how long does it take to come?

international shipping essiac teaMost of our customers order six months at a time, so once you get your tea the waiting will be over!

We offer USPS shipping and we offer UPS in select locations. First class USPS parcels usually take 10-30 days transit time. Priority mail USPS tends to take 6-10 Business Days, and USPS Express shipping normally 3-5 days. UPS speeds vary depending upon service which you choose but can be anywhere from 2 days to 14 days on average. Keep in mind that we ship orders on Tuesdays and Fridays. The cutoff time is 12:30PM EST. If you require shipping on a different day you can always contact us and request it.

customs and duties

Every country outside the US will be responsible for customs fees except for 3 lb. 4 oz. or under orders shipped to Canada via the USPS shipping method. You will not owe VAT on your order.

order our most popular size of essiac tea today

Our Essiac takes just 10 minutes to make once every two weeks. It costs less than $1 per day to use.

buy essiac tea

Click here to order our most popular supply of essiac tea for $179.97! It will last six months at the Aggressive/Improvement of Health dose and costs less than $1 per day to use.

order essiac tea

If you'd rather start small, you can order 1 lb. of Essiac in four 4-oz. packets for $68.97 by clicking here. This order lasts two months at the Aggressive/Improvement of Health dose, or three months at the Maintenance dose. If you're not sure which dosage you need, click here to learn.

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  • We wish to help you keep ordering simple by keeping essiac shipping costs free domestically for orders of 10 lb. and under. For international orders you will see a variety of shipping costs and speeds.

    Essiac Shipping Costs

    We wish to help you keep ordering simple by keeping essiac shipping costs free domestically for orders of 10 lb. and under. For international orders you will see a variety of shipping costs and speeds.