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"essiac sludge": to drink or not to drink?


Have you ever looked at the "essiac sludge" and wondered if you should drink it? This article will explain all you need to know.

First thing's first - essiac is not the best tasting drink by most people’s standards. However, remember that we are taking essiac for the benefits - not for the taste.

That being said, it is important to figure out a way to get the essiac down. For some, it’s as simple as drinking it quickly and forgetting about it. However, for others, something must be done to mask the taste—at least at the beginning.

essiac sludge

Masking the taste is simple enough - all you need to do is add natural fruit or vegetable juice, lemon juice, honey or stevia.

However, some people find the thickness of the finished brew to be a bit too much to stomach. If this is your issue, read on!

First things first - it’s important to never get a huge amount of the "sludge" at one time. This is important not just for the results (you want each dose to be more or less the same), but also because it is not palatable to end up with a mouthful of herbs at one point or another. If you always disperse the herbs, this will never happen, as no one dose will be that much bigger than the last.

drinking the essiac herbs

To best disperse the essiac sludge throughout the servings, we find that it works best to stir the container with a wooden spoon before pouring each dose. Just shaking a container doesn't always do the trick.

What we do is use an iced tea pitcher but leave the top open (no lid), that way we can put the spoon right in and stir it each time we go to pour a dose.

If you struggle to deal with a giant gallon container, try splitting the batch into 2 half-gallon pitchers right after you make the tea. However, make sure each of these pitchers has roughly the same amount of herbs in them so that your two pitchers contain even amounts. And of course, if your need is to make just one quart at a time, all these same recommendations apply.

Happy essiac taking! If you have additional tips for helping with deal with the "sludge" please share them with us below in comments.

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