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essiac books and other health books we recommend

essiac booksThis book is the gold standard of essiac facts.

If you're looking for essiac books that will be a great resource, you're in luck! Since there is so much misinformation out there in regards to essiac tea, it's important to know which books contain the truth. By reading a book about essiac that is based in fact, you will be sure to feel confident in your essiac tea buying decisions.

the essiac report

The Essiac Report by Richard Thomas is the first book ever written on essiac. It has extensive coverage that is backed up with photos and documents. This is the basis for credible information on essiac. There is so much misinformation on essiac out there! This book cuts through all of that and gets straight to the truth.

If you'd like to read more about this book before you purchase it, visit this page: More About The Essiac Report.

outsmart your pet's cancer

This book is coming soon! It features our brand of essiac tea in the testimonials and recommendations.

change your weighs

Change Your Weighs by Gina Paulhus is a book that will help anyone struggling with obesity. There are many connections demonstrated in the research regarding obesity and cancer. This book can also help you become more committed to an overall healthy lifestyle if you struggle with discipline, motivation or follow-through.

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