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essiac books and other health and wellness books we Love

essiac booksThis book is the gold standard of essiac facts.

If you're looking for essiac books that will be a great resource, you're in luck! Since there is so much misinformation out there in regards to essiac tea, it's important to know which books contain the truth. By reading a book about essiac that is based in fact, you will be sure to feel confident in your essiac tea buying decisions.

the essiac report

The Essiac Report by Richard Thomas is the first book ever written on essiac. It has extensive coverage that is backed up with photos and documents. This is the basis for credible information on essiac. There is so much misinformation on essiac out there! This book cuts through all of that and gets straight to the truth.

If you'd like to read more about this book before you purchase it, visit this page: More About The Essiac Report.

hear more about the essiac report in this video

outsmart your pet's cancer

Tanya Harter Pierce -- author of the popular book Outsmart Your Cancer: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work -- now brings you Outsmart Your Pet's Cancer to specifically show you how to help your dog or cat, should they develop this dreaded disease. In it's pages, you will read a synopsis of Essiac’s fascinating history, the details of 22 dog and cat recovery cases with photos of each animal, and helpful tips on how to use Essiac Tea to achieve optimum results with animals. Some of the types of pet cancers presented in the book are: aggressive sarcoma cancer, squamous cell cancer, throat cancer, stomach cancer, lymphoma, pancreatic cancer and even suspected brain cancer. However, Essiac is thought to be able to impact virtually any type of cancer and also benign masses. Two of the pet owners who shared their stories were able to avoid having their dog's leg amputated by administering this tea, and one veterinarian with a great deal of experience using it on pets is recorded as saying, "I have personally observed the powerful healing effect of Essiac on cancer and other chronic conditions in animals. Dogs and cats, in particular, often respond quickly and profoundly."

change your weighs

Change Your Weighs by Gina Paulhus is a book that will help anyone struggling with obesity. There are many connections demonstrated in the research regarding obesity and cancer. This book can also help you become more committed to an overall healthy lifestyle if you struggle with discipline, motivation or follow-through.

the 3-seasons diet - eat the way nature intended: Lose weight, beat cravings and get fit

John Douillard authored this tremendous ayurvedic resource. Derived from a 5,000-year-old traditional medical system, the 3-season diet does what no other diet will: work along with the body's natural response to the changing seasons to feed the body what it craves and can best utilize at all times. In winter, for instance, we crave soups, nuts, warm grains, and other high-fat and protein foods such as fish and meat. In spring we want salads, berries, and leafy greens: a naturally low-fat diet. And in summer, when long days and outdoor activities require high energy, we desire fruits, vegetables, starches, and other high-carbohydrate foods.

By following The 3-Season Diet's simple instructions for eating foods appropriate to each season, adjusting your diet to your body type, eating at the optimal time of the day, and exercising without triggering a survival response, The 3-Season Diet will become an easily sustainable way of life that lets you look and feel better than you've ever imagined.

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