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Looking for the best essiac on the market?

The Six Reasons Why We Are Your Best Choice for Organic Essiac Tea

Learn why we are 100% sure we have the best Essiac on the market in this article. After reading it, you'll be totally confident in your purchase and you'll know everything you need to know about Essiac Tea!

best essiacYou deserve the best - only settle for genuine, authentic essiac tea.

1. Ours might be different from many other companies - but we stand by our authentic essiac formula even though it would be EASIER and CHEAPER for us to just do what most of the companies do

We use powdered herbs in our Essiac formula even though it's more expensive, and not as visually appealing to look at (much like orange juice with pulp versus orange juice with the pulp removed). We require that you leave the herbs in the tea without straining them because this enables you to consume the entire herb without having to throw the "good part" away. Most of the other companies have you strain the herbs out after brewing because they opt to use the less expensive whole herbs, but this simply is not the method Rene Caisse used, and it's a huge compromise that we don't recommend you take. We take the extra time to explain this to customers and spend the extra money for the powdered herbs because we are committed to delivering the best product to you--the Essiac in the form proven to work best in clinical trials. 

best essiac teaGina and Bryan Paulhus, proud owners for over ten years at

***We use the entire sheep sorrel plant, including the roots, in our formula!***

Because we KNOW that we have the best Essiac available, we stand by our Essiac with our 100% Money-Back Results Guarantee and our 110% Price-Match Guarantee. We want you to take all the risk away from you when you choose to purchase Essiac from our company. If you think about it, the fact that we have a guarantee when treating severe illnesses is almost too good to be true!. When is the last time you've seen an herbal tea, vitamin or other supplement Guarantee that your health will improve or your money back? This really demonstrates the confidence we have in our Essiac! If you were in our position hearing the overwhelming positive feedback we have had on our Essiac however, you would understand why we are so confident! 

2. You will NEVER catch us using marketing ploys and scare tactics simply to sell more essiac.

We strive to educate you about the myths and misconceptions that many Essiac companies perpetuate so that they can take advantage of you. We simply give you the honest-to-goodness TRUTH about what you really need to know about Essiac, and we are always available via phone, e-mail and messenger to answer any questions you may have. Not only do we have the best Essiac, but we strive to have the best and most accessible customer service as well. We have absolutely NOTHING to hide!

3. We do not use misleading "half-truths" or false claims about essiac. 

When companies claim they have the "original Essiac" or "authentic Essiac" or "Rene Caisse's four herb Essiac" they are telling you a half-truth.

YES they might have the "original four-herb Essiac," but what they FAIL to tell you is that the four-herb formula has never performed as well as our eight-herb formula in clinical trials. 

You are looking for the authentic, most up-to-date Essiac formula there is - and we have it!

4. We do not artificially raise prices only to have big "sales" and "percent-off today only specials."

We simply keep prices low every day. When you need the best Essiac, you need it NOW - you cannot wait until we have a sale, and we understand that. We do not want you to ever have to pay a higher price because you are desperate to get Essiac right away and we do not happen to be having a sale then. The truth is, when you see Essiac from other companies on sale, you will find that it is STILL higher than our regular every day price. We Price-Match-Guarantee it! 

5. Because of the low prices we charge, we absolutely DEPEND on repeat customers and referrals.

Advertising costs a lot of money these days, and most companies cover their advertising cost by jacking up prices. We do not want to make YOU pay for OUR advertising costs by charging more for an order of Essiac, but in order to make a profit, we NEED you to love the results from the tea so much that you refer others! This means we are 100% committed to delivering the best Essiac Tea to you - every single time. Our quality control measures ensure that you get a consistent product, and our customer service is top-notch. We are here for you seven days per week, 365 days per year. We know that people still need help and have an urgent need to ask questions even on weekends and holidays! We know that many people taking Essiac have serious illnesses, and we respect your need to have answers NOW.

6. Our customers are so thrilled with our essiac that they are willing to TALK to you in person about their experiences! 

We have a list of customers available by phone and e-mail if you would like some feedback on how they have faired with Essiac. In many cases we can match you up with a person who has had a similar health problem such as a particular type of cancer. They are so excited to share that they found the best Essiac and want others to find and use it, too. Click here to contact us if you would like to request addtional phone numbers and email addresses from our customers.

Find answers to other Frequently Asked Questions about Essiac Tea.

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Our Essiac takes just 10 minutes to make once every two weeks. It costs less than $1 per day to use.

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Click here to order our most popular supply of Essiac tea! It will last six months at the Aggressive/Improvement of Health serving size and costs less than $1 per day to use.

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If you'd rather start small, you can order 1 lb. of Essiac in four 4-oz. packets by clicking here. This order lasts two months at the Aggressive/Improvement of Health dose, or three months at the Maintenance serving size. If you're not sure which serving size you need, click here to learn.

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