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the benefits of drinking Essiac Tea

the two main benefits of drinking essiac tea are to strengthen The Immune System and Purify the Body of Toxins

The benefits of drinking essiac tea are something you need to feel to believe! Essiac is a versatile herbal supplement that is simple to incorporate into your life. Essiac tea's primary benefits include a boost to the immune system anddetoxification of the body. 

benefits of drinking essiac teaThe benefits of drinking essiac tea include helping your body maximize it's immune system and detoxification functions - just as nature intended.

Essiac tea is used by people all over the world for many different health problems as well as for general health and well-being. Essiac tea benefits the entire body in a holistic fashion. Once you start feeling the benefits of drinking essiac tea yourself, you'll never want be without it! We have maintenance recommendations for those who are feeling great, and improvement of health recommendations for those who have some work to do on their health.

When the body is treated holistically, results occur from the inside out. Because essiac tea addresses the root of the problem for many illnesses and diseases, long-term, permanent healing becomes possible! 

This is contrary to the action of most medications which simply mask symptoms. You see, many medications are just a "band-aid" to cover up the symptoms - but yet the underlying problem still exists. This is where the essiac tea supporting full-body healing and detoxification really shines. Read the list of health problems for which essiac may be of benefit: Health Problems and Essiac.

Essiac Tea's Primary Actions

essiac benefits

The most powerful benefits of drinking essiac tea are to remove heavy metals from the body, detoxify the body in general, restore energy levels to baseline, and rebuild the immune system to its optimal strength. After these processes occur, the body then is restored to a level of function in which it is able to better defeat an illness or disease state using its own resources - exactly as nature intended!

The big thing you need to know is that everyone comes in contact with viruses and bacteria all the time, and therefore everyone is susceptible to developing health problems. However, people only get sick when their body's immune system FAILS to fight off the illness or infection! It's about your body being strong enough to fight these things off - not about erradicating all dangers. In other words, if the immune system is functioning at full strength, many illnesses and diseases can be eradicated WITHOUT DRUGS OR SURGERIES. Not all (some things simply will require medical intervention) but many.

Essiac tea supports the immune system more than any other substance that we know of. And that's why we specialize in essiac tea!

Here is list of the benefits of drinking essiac tea that have been reported to us and observed in research performed by Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch at the Brusch Medical Research Center. This research is documented in the book the essiac report by richard thomas.

essiac tea...

  1. Prevents the buildup of excess fatty deposits in the artery walls, heart, kidney and liver. 

  2. Regulates cholesterol levels by transforming sugar and fat into usable energy. 

  3. Destroys parasites in the digestive system and throughout the body. 

  4. Counteracts the effects of aluminum, lead and mercury poisoning. 

  5. Strengthens and improves the functioning of muscles, organs and tissues. 

  6. Makes bones, joints, ligaments, lungs, and membranes stronger and more flexible, and therefore less vulnerable to stress or stress injuries. 

  7. Nourishes and stimulates the brain and nervous system. 

  8. Promotes the absorption of necessary fluids in the tissues. 

  9. Removes toxic accumulations in the fat, lymph, bone marrow, bladder, and alimentary canals. 

  10. Neutralizes acids, absorbs toxins in the bowel, and eliminates them. 

  11. Clears the respiratory channels by dissolving and expelling mucus. 

  12. Relieves the liver of its burden of some detoxification by converting fatty toxins into water-soluble substances that can then be easily eliminated through the kidneys. 

  13. Assists the liver to produce lecithin, which forms part of the myelin sheath, a white fatty material that encloses nerve fibers. 

  14. Reduces heavy metal deposits in tissues (especially those surrounding the joints) to reduce inflammation and stiffness. 

  15. Improves the functions of the pancreas and spleen by increasing the effectiveness of insulin. 

  16. Purifies the blood by helping to remove excess fats and cholesterol.

  17. Increases red cell production and prevents them from rupturing. 

  18. Increases the body's ability to utilize oxygen by raising the oxygen level in the cells. 

  19. Maintains the balance between potassium and sodium within the body so that the fluid inside and outside each cell is regulated; in this way, cells are well nourished with nutrients and are also cleansed properly. 

  20. Converts calcium and potassium oxalates into a harmless form by making them solvent in the urine. This regulates the amount of oxalic acid delivered to the kidneys, thus reducing the risk of stone formation in the gall bladder, kidneys and urinary tract. 

  21. Protects against toxins entering into the brain. 

  22. Protects the body against the damage from radiation and X-rays. 

  23. Relieves pain and excess inflammation. 

  24. Accelerates wound healing by helping regenerate the damaged area. 

  25. Increases the production of antibodies such as lymphocytes and T-cells in the thymus gland, which are the defenders of our immune system. 

  26. Protects the cells against the damaging effects of free radicals. 

  27. Increases the appetite for healthful foods. 

  28. Decreases sugar cravings due to improved blood sugar control. 

  29. Increases energy levels. 

  30. Boosts mood and leads to an improved sense of well being. 
essiac tea testimonial

Health problems and essiac

Go here to read the list of health problems for which essiac may benefit: Health Problems and Essiac.

If you'd like to read more about the benefits of drinking essiac tea in terms of customer testimonials, See oiur essiac tea testimonials page.

watch this video to learn more about essiac's benefits

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Disclaimer: Essiac is not FDA tested and has not been FDA approved as a treatment or cure for any health problem, including cancer. We do not represent it as such on this site. You must determine whether essiac is a product you should pursue. We have provided accounts and descriptions that represent the opinions of a variety of experts as actual users of essiac regarding essiac tea benefits. We believe that our formula is the best essiac formula being sold in the world, and that our essiac tea ingredients are of the highest quality. However, we do not endorse anything on this site as medical fact.

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