How Long Should I Take Essiac?

Many people wonder how long they should take essiac.

In general, essiac takes six months of consistent useage to work effectively. That doesn't mean it won't start helping right away--it just means that it can take up to six months to realize the full benefit.

The basic rule of thumb is that you should take essiac as long as you want your health to improve. After you have achieved your desired level of health, we still recommend you finish off your six-month treatment length. After six months, we recommend that you continue to take the maintenance dose of 3 oz. twice per day. 

Sometimes people take essiac just as a quick detox. In that case, you might only need to take essiac for 2-4 weeks, but we have not been able to substantiate that such a short treatment has any lasting benefit.

If you go off essiac and maintain your good health, congratulations! If you go off essiac and find that your health is beginning to suffer, try going back on the essiac.

If you are undergoing chemo or radiation, we recommend staying on the essiac at least until your treatments are done. The essiac will help your body tolerate the side effects from the treatments.

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