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Can Essiac make my tumor bigger? Plus Free Shipping coupon code.
July 08, 2020

July 8, 2020

Greetings! I hope this email finds you well, and that you and your loved ones are able to stay safe and healthy.

Can Essiac Make my Tumor Bigger?

We hear from many folks who ask, "Can essiac tea make my tumor bigger?" Perhaps they read that it can online, or they heard it from a friend of doctor. The answer to the question is not straightforward, but in this article you will understand why it's a tricky question and what will be best for your body in regard to taking essiac tea. Read it here.

Jason Eagle QRA, LMT of Strategic Healing shares information for us all about herbal medicine.

Jason shares practical tips on how we can use the magic of herbs in our daily lives. I absolutely love his radio show, and he is availble for virtual consults (he is based out of Michigan) Hear Jason's Radio Show

Free Shipping Coupon Code for your next essiac order

You can use the coupon code "ZEBRA" for orders shipping to the U.S. to enjoy free shipping. You can also use the coupon code TIGER to save $20 off international shipping. The codes will work through 2020 if you aren't due to need an order soon.

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