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Natural Cures and Complementary Health Products to Essiac Tea

Natural cures can be used as a great alternative or as an adjunct to mainstream medicine. If you think about it, modern medicine is relatively new, but natural cures have been around for ages!

natural curesNatural cures are a great tool in your health toolbox - take the time to learn about them!

This isn't to say you shouldn't explore what western medicine has to offer - of course you should! Western medicine provides us with so many wonderful tools to boost our healing process. However, like all things, it has limitations.

Sometimes those limitations are financial - they simply cost too much. Other times they are location-based, meaning that there is no place nearby to get the treatment. Sometimes the side effects are too much to bear. Other times the treatments simply don't work. What is left to do when the tools western medicine has at it's disposal don't work?

natural cures

natural health curesNature has gifted us with all types of substances we can use to support our body's function.

The problem is, not all natural cures are created equal, and not all of them work the same from one person to the next. You will need to explore the natural cures that are out there and choose the ones that speak to you. After a fair trial, decide whether or not they are going to be an asset in your healing. Keep in mind, some things take time to work. Healing can take weeks, months or even years in some cases.

Natural Choices we Support

The majority of our customers take essiac and only essiac, and that seems to be enough for their needs. However, there are certainly other things that can be of benefit to the healthy body. We have found a list of things that also might help support your efforts to improve the immune system and detox. While you might not need anything besides essiac, some people want to combine approaches, and that is a great plan for certain individuals. 

Here are our favorites:

1. Curcurmin. Great anti-inflammatory and filled with antioxidants.

2. Vitamin C. It's important to get some that includes bioflavonoids and rose hips.

3. Chlorella Tablets Great detoxification support.

4. Apple Cidar Vinegar Helps to balance the body's pH.

We truly hope you are able to find the resources you need in order to remain and maintain your health for many years to come. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about how essiac tea fits into your alternative health plan, and keep the faith! The answers you need are out there. Never give up!

order a supply of essiac tea today.

natural cure essiac

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