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Hair Saving Device

New Hair Saving Device hits the market. Two years ago the FDA approved scalp-cooling caps, which help breast cancer patients keep their hair during chemotherapy. Now one such hair saving device, the DigniCap, has also been approved for patients with other solid-tumor cancers. That could help nearly 800,000 Americans avoid chemo-related hair loss.

Why it's key: One in 12 women with breast cancer avoid potentially lifestaving treatment for fear fggoing bald. Says patient Lauren Jones of the Paxman Scalp device: "It's liberating." Sari Harrar, AARP magazine. Having a hair saving device will allow many more people to choose treatment. Read more about the hair saving device here.

hair saving device

Hair Saving Device: Alternatives

A hair saving device isn't for everyone. Essiac tea has helped many people with their hair loss. If you don't want to look into the hair saving device, but instead want to try essiac, we offer a Money-Back Guarantee - something that no hair saving device offers!


"My husband believes the tumor under his arm is getting smaller after only two weeks on the tea. His hair is starting to turn darker. He just turned 76. Thank you for such a quick delivery of the tea. I'll keep you posted on his progress." 


Margo Callen

"The tea that you sell is FREAKIN AWESOME!!! I use it as a maintenance for my body. The tea relaxes me at night so that I can have a good night’s sleep.

I have been buying your tea for many years. I buy it in bulk because I give a lot of it and your website info to people who have cancer to try. I didn’t know anything about GOD’s tea until two years after I lost my dad to stomach cancer.

That’s when my brothers mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer. She did not want to get operated, or go thru radiation. I told her about the tea and to buy it from you guys because it is very expensive to buy at the health stores.

And you guys had the best quality and very low prices. After she ran out of the tea that I had given her she ordered some from you. One year later she decided to go back to the doctors to see how she was doing. The doctor examined her and noticed that her two tumors had all but disappeared. He then took a biopsy and within a week she had the results. The biopsy revealed normal cells. It has been about five years now and she still takes the maintenance dose, and she feels great!

My brother is a EMT for the local fire department. About two years ago he had to transport an older lady complaining of severe pain all over her body. Later that day he had another transport to the same hospital. As he was picking up supplies he saw the same woman that he had dropped off in the morning.

He asked her how she was doing and she told him that they had found cancer all over her body. My brother came by my house to see if I could give him some tea with instructions and where to buy it. So I gave him a pouch of tea and he gave it to her. Two years later the lady showed up at the fire station.

Looking for my brother she had papers in her hand from the doctor stating that she was cancer free! She gave my brother a big hug and thanked him for the tea. My good friend at work was upset one day I asked him what was wrong, he said that they found two growths on his wife’s liver. I told him about the tea and gave him the info . one year later after drinking the tea doctors could not find the growths. Last April my best friend was diagnosed  with  cancer on the back of the cervix. It was inoperable, She decided to go through  the radiation and chemo. I also gave her the aggressive dose of the tea. Last week she got her results from the blood work and CT scan. The doctor said that she was cancer free! I still give her the aggressive dose three times a day. 

It seemed like the tea kept her from losing her hair, and it maintained her energy levels. 

My elderly friend had type one Diabetes. She was taking high doses of medication. The doctor was about to put her on insulin. I started giving her the aggressive dose of the tea. On her last visit the doctor took all medications away and asked her what she was taking, she told them she was taking GOD’s tea. I want to thank you so much for making it possible to buy the tea at such a low price. If it wasn’t for you guys I don’t think I would be able to afford to buy it from the health food stores since there prices are ridiculous. THANK YOU AGAIN FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!"

Edward Leyvas

"In April of this year, I requested that you send me essiac tea (4 bags). I immediately followed the guidelines and started taking the tea, at the normal levels, the next day, but just a few days later I started doing the 6 oz. three times a day.

I have been on aggressive steroid treatment for more than 10 years for terrible pain, so I kinda knew I was going to need more of the tea than normal.

I have had lupus for more than 10 years, and have been taking, at minimum, 25 mg of prednisone since day one of of the diagnosis. Over the years, my muscles atrophied, my body grew to 250 pounds, my hair fell out, my body had a bad odor, my blood pressure was always high, my face was bloated, and I became unable to exercise, clean my home, or do much of anything. My husband was honest and said he just couldn't live the changes. He left.

I changed so much....and people changed toward me so much..that I frequently contemplated suicide. The disease attacked me so quickly, without warning, and I had to leave my job of 35 years, but thank God disability approved me. I had little debt, and a little house, so I was blessed to be able to care of myself now, BY MYSELF, though without the same salary, and help from Leon. I still have his health care, however.

Anyway, fast forward to April. For years I had asked God for an 'elixir'. I had weaned off of the steroids, so that I was taking 15 mg per day, with cortisone treatments, and other pain pills taking its' place. I knew there was something I could elixir..that would help me get off the medication.  I JUST KNEW IT.  And then I heard about essiac listening to Wynn free one evening. I tune in to Wynn often.

I have had big miracles in just 3 months. I now take 5 mg of prednisone, and haven't needed cortisone. I don't take any celibrex since May. My bowels movements occur twice a day, and I used to be constipated. My skin is so soft. My hair has grown back. I have lost 17 pounds.

I have so much energy after a 6 oz. of essiac that I have to be careful with how I use my body. I still feel stiff and some pain if I clean too much, or walk too far, or go to the mall. Yes..I can CLEAN, WALK, drive places and be gone for 3 - 4 hours at a time.

This hasn't happened for years. I even planted flowers. In the past, I never could have gotten down to the ground. I bathe more...I groom myself more..I actually care about how I look these days!!! And that awful smell from my body has gone away.

My blood pressure is stabilizing. My doctor has taken me off of two of the medications. He is pleased..and I wish I could tell him about essiac. But i don't want anyone trying to talk me off this 'elixir'. It is what I asked God for and he worked through you to get it to me.

It has increased my appetite for fruits and vegetables. I sleep so much better. Just the fact that I am down so low with the prednisone, I believe, will and has changed my life. I can actually live again..and look and feel more normal. I still am quite overweight..but I can see the change. I am crying with joy as I write this.

Okay, I have talked enough. You can use my testimony anywhere with anyone. My telephone number is 585-285-8733. Oh, I am 62 years old.

Thanks for listening. I would not ask if I really didn't need the help. This will help me 'help myself' in the future."


"I have cancer and I need to order some more essiac tea. I need essiac sent to me as soon as possible. Let me tell you what happened to me...

I had become very sick with cancer last year. It got to the point that I was told I would be dead by December. I couldn't stay awake for more than a few hours at a time, and I couldn't speak clearly anymore. My tongue had swollen from the chemo. 

I heard about essiac tea and tried it as a last ditch effort to save my life. I continued the chemo but added essiac tea to my regimen. I couldn't believe how quickly I noticed an increase in energy. Then my hair started growing back, both on my head and my eyelashes and such. A few months later, all my tumors were gone. My doctor said, "Whatever you're doing, keep it up, this is a miracle!

I am religious and I believe that faith can heal. In addition, I believe the chemo and radiation helped me. However, I do not think I would be alive today if not for the essiac tea. The reason I say this is because, once my tumors were gone and I felt better, I ran out of essiac and didn't buy more. I didn't think I needed it anymore. Well, I was wrong. My hair started falling out and I had no energy. My platelet count is up again. This started happening a little over a month ago, a few weeks after I stopped the essiac tea. I had been meaning to get more but I kept putting it off. My friend gave me some other tea to try; he called it "miracle tea." I don't know what was in it, but it did nothing for me. It's not like essiac. Now I feel desperate: I need to get more essiac in me. I feel like crap without it and I'm worried that my tumors will come back, if they haven't already. 

My doctor is worried also because I am obviously slipping. He says he can't recommend essiac (which makes me so angry!) but we both know that it's the only thing that has changed in my regimen. I recommend that everyone with cancer take essiac. I believe you should take traditional treatments like chemo in addition to essiac for best results. All I can go by is how I reacted, but it truly has been a miracle for me. Essiac tea is absolutely amazing and I feel it saved my life."

Ordering Essiac

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